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11 May 2020

The application for the Sponsored EASA Flight Instructor Course is now open!

The application will close on February 28th.

Flight Instructor Course

Fully sponsored Flight Instructor Course at OSM Aviation Academy

The aviation industry is growing and there is a huge need for pilots over the years to come. We are therefore excited to announce a fully sponsored Flight Instructor Course at OSM Aviation Academy.

We offer

  • Fully sponsored EASA Flight Instructor Course, held in English.
  • 100% permanent employment* as Flight Instructor (A) at OSMAA with a 24 month bonding period** after course completion.
  • Contractual salary from day one of employment after completing the Fl(A) course.

*Normal working conditions apply, including a six (6) month trial period.

**If the employee for any reason leaves before the entire time has lapsed, the candidate will be charged proportionally for the training fees and costs involved. (e.g. leaving after 50% of the time equals to pay for 50% of the normal course fee + costs). If OSMAA decides to not continue the employment, during or after the trial period the bond will expire immediately without any obligations from the candidate.

Our fleet consists of Cessna 172 (C172) and Diamond Twinstar (DA42), all equipped with G1000 avionics and Boeing 737 (B737) simulators.

What we expect from you and what you can expect from us

If you are selected to join our team you will become part of a professional organization where high demands will be placed on you regarding responsibility, initiative, and creative thinking. You will have great opportunities for personal development through different areas of responsibilities, in-house mentoring and development programs for instructors.

We enjoy working with colleagues who are ambitious and willing to contribute to the further development of our experienced and well-functioning organization. The aviation industry is known for its constant innovations and it is vital for our academy that we stay ahead of the curve to ensure that we provide our students with the foundation they need to succeed in their careers.

Above all, you must feel a drive and passion for teaching other people and value quality and safety in your work. The goal of our academy is to provide our students and customers with the best education possible in a positive and enthusiastic environment.

Commitment, reliability and respect are words to live by at OSM Aviation Academy.

In return, we offer a professional organization where there will be great opportunities for personal development through different responsibilities. You will be working with colleagues who are ambitious, eager and committed to fulfilling our brand promise of being the best aviation training provider on the market. We have a great team of a range of personality types, which we value highly as we believe in having the right person in the position where they fit the best.

We operate with a flat company culture that we believe creates a healthy and trustworthy relationship between coworkers and managers, which is crucial to achieving a safe and quality-oriented pilot training.

As a qualified FI(A) at OSM Aviation Academy, we include:

  • 100% permanent position in Sweden or Norway*
  • Attractive career possibilities with a great network of partners
  • 25 days paid annual leave
  • Pension and insurance schemes
  • Yearly wellness grant for all full-time employees
  • Loss of license insurance
  • All necessary proficiency checks paid for (and 40% discount on all other OSMAA services)
  • Medical renewal included
  • Personal laptop
  • Staff discount on aircraft rental
  • Uniform

*6 months trial period according to the standard agreement.

Qualification requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
    • Valid SEP (Land)
  • Valid EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Speak and write fluent English
  • Legal right to live and work in Norway and Sweden (if applicable)
  • Clean criminal record
  • Have completed 5 hours on single-engine piston-powered airplanes during the 6 months preceding the pre-entry flight test.

Personal skills:

  • You must be able to read, write and converse fluently in English. If you speak a Scandinavian language it gives merit, but it is not a requirement.
  • You have a high-quality mindset and you are passionate about teaching and providing our students with the best possible education.
  • You have a positive attitude
  • Good communication skills and team-oriented
  • Leadership- and coaching skills
  • Self-driven and structured in your work
  • Safety aware and responsible
  • Able to follow routine and procedures

For candidates seeking employment in Norway, the selected candidates have to apply for the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway’s background check and become approved to hold a mandatory access card that gives access to the security clearance area at the airport. Further information can be found here: https://luftfartstilsynet.no/en/


Course Description

The Flight Instructor Course at OSMAA includes leadership, communication techniques, and teaching skills. The course starts with full-time theory, four days per week, 8 hours per day.

Academic Studies

The intention is to give the candidate a refresh and also a deeper understanding of the subjects on a PPL-level, to increase the ability to act as an instructor.

The course includes thorough instruction in Teaching and Learning, including two whole days held by an experienced expert consultant on the subject. We have also included non-EASA-related subjects such as firefighting (theory and practical exercises with fire extinguishers etc.) as well as first aid training.   

After the intensive theory training is finished, the full focus will shift towards flying where the goal is for you to become familiar with the instructor's role and handling of aircraft from the right seat. 25 Hours are flown with an instructor and 5 hours will be flown together with another instructor candidate enrolled on the course.

When all flying and internal check and tests are complete the candidate is submitted to skill test to demonstrate his/her ability to act as an instructor. The skill test is administrated by an examiner nominated by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority.


  • Totally five weeks theory course (144 hours) 4 days/Week


  • A minimum of 30 Hours flying of which 25 hours is Dual and 5 hours Solo


Admission process


Step 1

All eligible applicants are given computer-based tests that they can complete from their own computer (internet access required).

Step 2

The next step in the process consists of an interview, written test, and theoretical test lesson. This step is also being carried out at OSMAA in Västerås. The interview and theoretical test lessons are held by personnel from OSMAA. The written test is to ensure that the candidate has a good level of knowledge to act as an instructor.

Step 3 

The last part of the process is a practical test. For the practical admission flight, you will be assigned a flight lesson in advance to learn.

The test consists of three parts:

  • Part 1 is the Briefing before the flight were the candidate together with an instructor that acts as a student goes thru the exercise
  • Part 2 is the Practical flight where you demonstrate and instruct the student in the same time as you fly
  • Part 3 is debriefing where you go through the lesson and talks about the students’ performance

NOTE! Step 1 is a requirement from the school meanwhile step 2 and 3 is mandatory according to regulations. 

The whole process will be done as concentrated as possible for the candidates to minimize the travel and time spent in Västerås before the start of the course.

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