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On this page, you can find information about costs and the different Proficiency Checks (PCs) offered by OSM Aviation Academy.

Remember to book your PC well ahead of the expiration date(s) on your certificate, to ensure that you are able to renew in time. 

12. OSM DA42_G1000

OSM Aviation Academy offers Proficiency Checks and extra renewal training in case of expired ratings. If you are concerned about transitioning from an older aircraft to our Diamond Twinstar there is also a transition course described on this page. 

If your rating(s) already expired, additional training may be necessary prior to the PC, in accordance with EASA Part-FCL. You will find the most common scenarios on this page together with instructions on how to get a quote and training plan from OSM Aviation Academy. 

My ratings are valid and I plan to do a PC or AoC before they expire

Prices (including VAT)

Single-Engine (SE) Piston 5 200 SEK
Multi-Engine (ME) Piston 6 900 SEK
Instrument (IR) SE Piston 6 900 SEK
Multi Engine IR Piston 9 900 SEK
Flight Instructor (A) 7 900 SEK

Note: Your SE/IR rating which enables you to fly IR Single Engine will be renewed together with the ME/IR Piston PC, provided that the SE/IR is valid at the time of the PC and you fulfill the requirements according to EASA Part FCL Appendix 8 (3 IFR takeoffs and approaches the last 12 months). For foreign certificate holders an administrative fee of 1000 SEK incl. VAT is will be added. 

I need a PC, but I haven’t flown the Diamond Twinstar (DA42)

OSM Aviation Academy offers differential training DA42 in combination with the MEP/IR Piston Proficiency Check. You need to be proficient on the G1000 system to be able to choose this alternative.

  • Content

    • 3 hrs Technical Course DA42 and written test.
    • 1 session in the DA42 (1,5 block)
    • PC MEP and PC ME/IR


    16 900 SEK

Note: Extra sessions may be needed depending on your flying skills and when last flight was performed.

My ratings are not valid

Renewal of expired rating(s)

EASA regulations state that refresher training might be needed depending on when the rating expired. The ATO (Approved Training Organisation) in this case OSMAA, has to establish a refresher program followed by PC, according to Part FCL and AMC to the part FCL that regulates the sessions needed to be able to do the PC. 

(SUBPART G — INSTRUMENT RATING — IR page 226 & Validity and renewal of class and type ratings, (e.g. SEP och MEP) page 247)

Observe that the refresher training MEP & MEP/IR can be combined with the differential training on the DA42.

For foreign certificate holders an administrative fee of 1000 SEK incl. VAT will be added. 

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