EASA Integrated pilot programs


The pre-entry requirements at OSM Aviation Academy is an important starting point in your career since it determines your suitability for becoming an airline pilot. It also ensures that you have the right skillset to successfully complete the training.

Pre-entry requirements

Before you can apply for an integrated flight training education at OSM Aviation Academy you need to fulfill these requirements:

  1. 18 years of age
  2. Graduated from High School / Upper Secondary School / Vocational Education
  3. Pass a Pilot Aptitude Test (online admission test, read more)
  4. Pass an EASA Class 1 medical examination (the medical examination can be done after you apply, but must be done prior to course start).

How do I apply?

These are the steps you need to take before you can become a student pilot at OSM Aviation Academy. 

Step 1 - Pass a Pilot Aptitude Test

The Pilot Aptitude Test is done online and you can easily sign up on our website. After signing up, you will receive your log-in information and an email with how to prepare.

Step 2 - Pass the EASA Medical Class 1

The medical examination can be done after you apply but must be done prior to course start. Your Medical Class 1 needs to be renewed each year. 

Step 3 - Send in your application

You are now ready to send in your application which is done on our website. When we receive the application, you will get your student contract and you are now ready for take-off.

After sending in your application

When you have submitted the documents required to apply along with your application, the admissions department will send you the student contract. An application fee of 25 000 NOK will be invoiced together with your acceptance letter and student contract which must be paid in order to secure your spot.

Want to know more?

Download the course catalog to learn more about the First Officer Program and the Professional Pilot Program.

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