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Pilot financing

OSM Aviation Academy offers attractive student financing solutions in Norway and Sweden due to our government approvals. We are constantly working on expanding these offerings to enable more individuals to pursue their dream of becoming a professional pilot.

We believe that pilot training should be available to those who have the right ATTITUDE, SKILLS, and AMBITION to succeed.


Financing for Norwegian citizens

OSM Aviation Academy was given status as an approved higher vocational training provider in Norway by NOKUT on the 8th of April 2019. This means that Norwegian citizens can apply for low-interest student loans through Lånekassen once they are enrolled in an integrated flight training education at OSM Aviation Academy in Arendal, Norway.

Read more about financing for Norwegian citizens on our Norwegian website.

Financing for Swedish citizens

For Swedish citizens, you can apply for a student loan through CSN. All of our integrated programs and some of the modular courses are CSN approved and if you have no former loans with CSN you can be eligible for up to 554 020 SEK in student loans and grants. 274 100 SEK of this amount can be used to pay the course fee, while the remainder is administered in monthly installments to cover living expenses such as accommodation, food, etc.

You must contact CSN, the department for flight training in Lund, to see if you are eligible for this. 

Read more about financing for Swedish citizens on our Swedish website.



At our Pilot Open Day events, you will always get the latest information about student financing, the job market for pilots, and much more. See upcoming events here.

Financing for foreign students

As a foreign student, we recommend you to contact your domestic student loan provider for an individual assessment to see if you are eligible for student funding.

Alternatively, you will have to solve the financial matters through a private loan, savings, or you might be fortunate to get help from your family and friends.

Financing with CSN in Sweden 

Students enrolled in one of our integrated flight training programs in Sweden are eligible to apply for student funding from the National Board of Student Aid (CSN). Please note that special requirements apply to non-Swedish students and that you may be more likely to receive student loans from your country of citizenship.

Follow the link to CSN’s website if you wish to read more about being approved by CSN.


Studying in Sweden, Norway or the USA?

OSM Aviation Academy offers two integrated flight training programs, the First Officer Program and the Professional Pilot Program, that you can attend in either Sweden, Norway, and the USA. Learn more about the courses here.

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