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Course information

Start Date

12 November 2018

Last day to apply is one months before the course start date. We recommend sending in your application as soon as possible to secure a spot for your desired course start. On this page, you will find information about what you need to do before you can apply, what you can expect from the education and the cost of training.



OSM Aviation Academy offers a high-quality CPL/ME/IR modular course with airline structure and standards of manuals, procedures, and callouts in combination with highly experienced instructors. The training is conducted at Stockholm Västerås Airport in Sweden.

Course Description

To start the module and become a OSMAA pilot student you need a PPL with 159 hours total time and the ATPL theory. 

The course is planned for approximately 3-6 months depending on your availability and season of the year. Even if the training period is a little longer for students starting in the winter time, the benefit is more exciting and demanding training in real winter operations.

OSMAA is very flexible to meet your requirements of flight schedule, we have aircraft and instructors available 7 days a week


The modular CPL/IR/ME program starts with the Multi-Engine class rating. One and a half day of briefing followed by 6 hours in our ME aircraft the Diamond DA42. The training will focus on familiarization training and engine failures.

When the ME class rating is completed you will continue the multi-engine instrument training in the 737NG simulator. In the simulator, you will start with instrument procedures, instrument approaches and emergencies, all under various conditions.

After the simulator training, you will start with commercial and instrument maneuvers in the aircraft. The training focuses on emergencies and instrument procedures. During the multi-engine sessions, instrument procedures and emergencies with engine failures are trained. Upon completion, you will hold a CPL license with ME & IR rating. 

OSM Aviation Academy Offers:

  • High quality training with experienced flight instructors
  • Manuals, procedures and callouts according to EU-OPS airline standard
  • Modern training fleet
  • 10 hours Cessna 172 incl. G1000 course
  • 40 hours in 737NG simulator
  • 30 hours Multi Engine Training in Diamond Twinstar, DA42
  • Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) training
  • 2,5 hours Skill Test DA42


Before you can apply

  1. A Passed Pilot Aptitude Test
  2. Valid EASA Medical Class 1
  3. Valid EASA PPL + NQ
  4. EASA ATPL (A) Theory
  5. Flight time:
    • 159 h in total
    • 100 h PIC
    • 50 h CC PIC*

*Which shall include a VFR CC flight of at least 300NM, of which full stop landings at two aerodromes different from the aerodrome of departure shall be made.


The price of the training program is 279 000 SEK*

*When combined with MCC & APC the total price for the courses is 338 000 SEK.
The combined course is approved by CSN for Swedish citizens.

Additional costs (subject to change)

  1. Pilot Aptitude Test, part 1 - 100 EUR
  2. Pilot Aptitude Test, part 2 - 500 EUR
  3. EASA Class 1 medical renewal - 150 EUR
  4. CAA certificate and exam fees - Approx. 2400 EUR

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