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APS MCC Course

The course Airline Pilot Standards (APS) Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course is one of the last steps in your commercial pilot training. The goal of the course is to further enhance your knowledge of human factors and how you communicate in an efficient and controlled way in the cockpit.

The APS MCC is built on competency-based training and evaluation and has 40 hours (twice as many as the traditional MCC course) in the Boeing 737 simulator.

Course information

Start dates

- Upon request and subject to capacity

The last day to apply is one month before the course start date. We recommend sending in your application as soon as possible to secure a spot for your desired course start. On this page, you will find information about what you need to do before you can apply, what you can expect from the education, and the cost of training.

Training locations | Västerås, Sweden or Arendal, Norway

Course description

The Airline Pilot Standard (APS) Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course is an enhanced MCC course that is approved by EASA in accordance with EASA Part-FCL (EU 1178/2011).

The APS MCC focuses on Competency-Based Training & Assessment (CBTA) tailored towards the core competencies required from professional airline pilots.

One of the major differences between an APS MCC and a traditional MCC/JOC course is that the APS MCC has a graded final assessment at the conclusion of the course. In order to obtain the full APS MCC certification, a grade of "satisfactory" or higher must be achieved on the final assessment.

Basic flight training is most often conducted in small piston airplanes where the student can focus on learning the basics of flying. At the end of the training, the new pilots are commonly skilled at operating these basic airplanes but lack the experience of flying the larger jets and turboprop airplanes used by most airlines today.

The course consists of 4 days of theory training and 40 hours in the Boeing 737NG Simulator. 10 sessions in the simulator, 4 hours each, scheduled over 21 days.


  • Day 1 - CRM Theory
  • Day 2 - CRM Theory
  • Day 3 - B737 Briefing & SOP
  • Day 4 - B737 Briefing & SOP

In addition to the classroom training, you will have several hours of Computer-Based Training (CBT) in preparation for the course. There will also be pre-briefing and de-briefing for each lesson in the simulator.


Our Boeing 737NG simulators from MPS in Holland provide a highly realistic experience of what it is like to fly jet aircraft in a multi-crew environment.

You will be given access to study materials (including checklists, procedures, and callouts) through OSMAA’s Distance Learning System (DLS). A poster of the 737NG cockpit will also be provided to help you prepare for your simulator lessons, and you will have unlimited access to our B737 mockups (paper-tigers). Being able to practice all the checklists and procedures before each lesson helps prepare you to get as much as possible from every lesson.

As a newly graduated professional pilot, you will find the experience from the APS MCC Course to be incredibly valuable in preparation for your first airline assessment for a First Officer position, as well as during your first Type Rating course.

Pre-entry requirements

Before you can apply

  • Valid EASA Medical Class 1
  • Valid EASA CPL (A)
  • Valid ME/IR
  • EASA ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Exams passed
  • ICAO English Language Proficiency Rating, minimum level 4

Price and payment

The price for the APS MCC is:

61 000 SEK/NOK

This course is approved by CSN for Swedish citizens.


As a student enrolled at OSM Aviation Academy you are eligible for discounted short-term housing.

Read more about short-term housing in our FAQ and book your stay.