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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding OSM Aviation Academy and our EASA Modular programs. As the FAQ is based on the questions asked it will constantly be updated as new questions arise. In the menu to the left, you find the questions organized in main categories.

If you don’t find your specific question(s) in our FAQ, you are most welcome to contact us or message us on our Facebook page.

ATPL (A) Theory

What are the pre-entry requirements?

The pre-entry requirements are the following:

  1. Valid ICAO PPL (A)
    Graduated from High School / Upper
  2. Secondary School with passing grades in the following subjects:
    1. Mathematics B / Mathematics 2b
    2. English B / English 6*
    3. Physics A / Physics 1a**

*If you are lacking the English requirement from High School you can do a TOEFL test. You need a score of 85 to meet the requirement.

**If you are lacking the physics course from High School you can do a 2-week full-time physics distance course at OSMAA.

What is the duration of the program?

The course is planned to take 39 weeks, based on full-time studies.

There is a possibility to extend the course, however, if you do not have the possibility to study full-time during the entire course.

The classroom-based studies are approximately 109 hours, and many hours of self-studies are additional to this. The students will have access to instructors through the DLS during the course, where material and instructions also will be available.

The studies are made up of three different phases. Each phase commences with an instruction week, followed by home-studies through the DLS, a refresh-week in the classroom, and a final test.

Schedule of the phases:

  • Classroom tuition, introduction week (1 week)
  • Home studies: DLS and CBT* (7-9 weeks)
  • Classroom tuition: Refresh week (1 week)
  • Home studies: Test preparations (1 week)
  • School tests and CAA exams (2 weeks)

Introduction and refresher week includes classroom tuition for 2-4 days, sometimes even on Saturdays and Sundays. Test weeks consist of 2 test days in general.

One test is included in the course tuition fee, as well as one re-test if necessary. A detailed schedule is distributed to all students in the course through the DLS.

*Computer Based Training

How much does the program cost?

The course is divided into four installments:

  • Registration fee: 10 000 SEK/NOK
  • Course start: 12 113 SEK/NOK
  • Course start + 3 months: 12 113 SEK/NOK
  • Course start + 6 months: 12 113 SEK/NOK

Course price: 46 339 SEK/NOK excl. VAT.

This course is approved by CSN for Swedish citizens.

Are there any additional costs excluding the course fee?

You are responsible for acquiring the course literature, which is made up of Oxford’s ATPL literature. The material is of high quality and consists of both books and CBT (computer-based training).

The theory package needed for this course:

  • Oxford ATPL theory books
  • EASA ATPL Exam Preparation CD


What are the pre-entry requirements?

The pre-entry requirements are the following:

  • Valid EASA Medical Class 1
  • Valid EASA PPL + Night Qualification (NQ)*
  • EASA ATPL (A) Theory**
  • Flight time:
    • 159 h in total
    • 100 h PIC
    • 50 h Cross Country PIC***

*Can be included in the CPL/ME/IR program.

**Can be completed simultaneously with the CPL/ME/IR, but it is recommended to have completed it before.

***Which shall include a VFR CC flight of at least 300NM, of which full-stop landings at two aerodromes different from the aerodrome of departure shall be made.

What is the duration of the program?

The course is planned for approximately 3-6 months depending on your availability and season of the year. Even if the training period is a little longer for students starting in the wintertime, the benefit is more exciting and demanding training in real winter operations.

OSMAA is very flexible to meet your requirements of flight schedule, we have aircraft and instructors available 7 days a week.

How much does the program cost?

The CPL/ME/IR course can be divided into monthly, quarterly, or 6-month installments based on your needs.

309 715 SEK/NOK excl. VAT.

If combined with the EASA APS MCC this course is approved by CSN for Swedish citizens.


What are the pre-entry requirements?

The pre-entry requirements are the following:

  1. Valid EASA Medical Class 1
  2. Valid EASA CPL (A)
  3. Valid ME/IR
  4. EASA ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Exams passed
  5. ICAO English Language Proficiency Rating, minimum level 4

What is the duration of the program?

The course consists of 4 days of theory training and 40 hours in the Boeing 737NG Simulator. 10 sessions in the simulator, 4 hours each, scheduled over 21 days.

How much does the program cost?

The price for the APS MCC is:

  • 61 000 SEK


What are the pre-entry requirements?

The pre-entry requirements are the following:

  1. Valid EASA Medical Class 1
  2. EASA CPL (A)
  3. Valid ME/IR
  4. EASA ATPL (A) Theory
  5. Minimum ICAO English-level 4

What is the duration of the program?

The course consists of 4 days of theory training and 40 hours in the Boeing 737NG Simulator. 10 sessions in the simulator, 4 hours each, scheduled over 21 days.

How much does the program cost?

The price of the training program is 34 000 SEK*

*OSM Aviation Academy now offers an Airline Pilot Standards (APS) MCC Course. The new and improved APS MCC is an EASA approved course which is substantially improved from the traditional MCC. It has twice as many simulator hours, more classroom education, and further strengthens your CV compared with a "regular" MCC.

Only the APS MCC is approved by CSN for Swedish citizens.


What is the duration of the program?

The UPRT starts with 5 hours of self-studies using Computer-Based Training (CBT), thereafter there is a 1-hour classroom briefing, which can also be attended via video-link. The practical flight training is done in a Slingsby aircraft and is divided into 2 lessons of 1,5 hours each.

How much does the program cost?

The price of the program is 25 000 SEK.

After completing this course you will get a certificate showing that you have completed the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training according to the EASA requirements.

For non-Swedish certificate holders, an administrative fee of 1000 SEK will be added.


Accommodation in Sweden (long-term)

Västerås is quite a popular city to live in and to rent an apartment downtown Västerås is usually expensive.

When you receive your enrolment certificate we will hand out suggestions of housing agents in Västerås. The rent is approximately 3 100 SEK to 6000 SEK per month depending on size and location. It is of utmost importance to book your apartment as soon as possible in order for you to guarantee accommodation.

Read more and apply for student housing with Bostad Västerås.

Accommodation in Sweden (short-term)

Below you will find alternatives for short-term accommodation in Västerås where OSM Aviation Academy offers a discounted price for our visitors.

Alternative 1- Hotel Hässlö

Hotel Hässlö is situated within walking distance from the school. If you are planning on visiting us for a shorter period of time, this is a good option. As a visitor/student at our school, you will be offered a special student price for your accommodation.

Contact Person:
Eva Gråberg
Flottiljgatan 55,
721 31 Västerås
+46 (0)21 811010

Follow this link to see where the hotel is located.

Single room with private bathroom and TV

  • Per day (1-4 nights, 5% discount)
    Single room 617 SEK
    Double room 841 SEK
  • Price per week (>4 nights, 36% discount)
    Single room 2 093 SEK
    Double room 2 850 SEK
  • Price per month (29 nights, 52 % discount)
    Single room 9 108 SEK
    Double room 12 401 SEK
  • Longer stay (single room listed, but a double room can be booked)
    2 months 8 125 SEK/month
    3 months 7 464 SEK/month
    >3 months 7 275 SEK/month (61% discount)

All prices are incl. VAT.

This is included in the price:

  • Breakfast buffet Monday through
  • Friday from 06:30-08:30 CET
  • Kiosk and reception where you can buy
    candy, soda, and more (Opening hours are Monday from 16.00 to 18.00, Tues-
    Fri from 16:30 to 18:00)
  • Cleaning of the room once per week (optional)
  • Wifi
  • Gym and sauna
  • Table tennis room
  • TV-room
  • Pool table
  • The dining room where you have access to fridge and freezer if you want to bring your own food. In the dining room, there are four microwaves where you can heat your food
  • You can order lunch boxes for 50 SEK per serving
  • Free parking

Book your stay here

Use the company code OSM18K - for short accommodation under 5 days - 5 % discount

Use the company code OSM18L - for long-term accommodation over 4 days - 36% to 61% discount

When you arrive

If you are arriving by plane to Stockholm, Arlanda airport we recommend Swebus or NetBus4You from Arlanda Terminal 5 to Västerås Recesentrum.

To see the bus schedules and book tickets, please visit:



From Västerås Recesentrum (The bus and train station in Västerås) you can take bus no. 2 towards «Björnögården» and get off the bus on “Eskadergatan”.

You will then be within walking distance of the hotel and OSM Aviation Academy.

Alternative 2 - Elite Hotel

Elite Stadshotellet in Västerås is located in the middle of the city center and is close to shops, restaurants, and cafés. The discount you can get depends on how far ahead of time you book your room and how flexible you want to be.

10% discount

Booking can be done until the time of arrival and you can book via Elite Hotel's webpage, by phone, or via email. The booking can be canceled until 14:00 CET on the day of arrival and the payment must be guaranteed with a credit card.

20% discount

Booking must be done at least 7 days before arrival and you can only book on Elite Hotel's webpage. If you choose this discount you are not able to cancel your booking. Payment is done by credit card when you book the room(s) and is non-refundable.

Book your stay here

Remember to use the company code 6151866.

Accommodation in Norway

For long-term accommodation, we can offer student housing through our housing partner. You can apply for student housing which is located just outside Arendal, approximately 40 minutes from the OSM Aviation Academy school building in Peder Thomassons Gate 12.

The rent is approximately 3,800 NOK/month (incl. electricity).

Buses leave once per hour and a bus card cost around 500 NOK/month.

Finding your own apartment

If you have special needs such as more space or want a different location, we suggest using www.finn.no to look for apartments to rent. All classroom tutoring will take place in Peder Thomassons Gate 12.

Accommodation in the USA (Florida)

Accommodation is not included in the tuition fee of the Professional Pilot Program. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange his/her accommodation.

The rent is approximately 750 dollars per month in a shared room.

It is of utmost importance to book your apartment as soon as possible in order for you to guarantee accommodation.

General Information

What is a typerating?

A typerating is a course where you learn how to operate a specific type of aircraft.

After the pilot training at OSM Aviation Academy, you will have an education that provides you with the possibility to apply for pilot jobs at different European airlines. When you are offered a position and know which type of aircraft you will be operating, you will need another additional course for that specific type of aircraft. That course is called a typerating.

The airline that hires will be the airline that provides the typerating course, where they also teach the airline’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

A typerating includes both theory and practical flight training with the airplane type and takes about 6 months (might vary a bit depending on airplane type and airline).

In other words, you will be qualified to do a typerating for any airplane type after completing one of our integrated programs.

Which airplane type you will do your typerating on depends on the employee and which airplane type they operate/need pilots for.

Is the flight training in English?

Lessons, briefings, and flight lessons are held in English. All printed material, such as literature, manuals, and checklists will be in English as well.

Will I have a Summer/Winter vacation?

Since we need to fly as much as possible when the weather and sunlight permits, there is no vacation planned for our integrated programs. In order for you to complete your training in 20 months, you will need to be available during summer.

Winter/Christmas vacation is easier to accommodate for several students, but summer vacations will rarely be approved.

What will happen if I quit the program?

If you terminate the contract before the training program starts, then you are only obliged to pay the registration fee.

In case of termination during the course, you will have to cover outstanding payments to the school. The amount will depend on how far into the education program you are. This will be clearly defined in your contract.

If you need to terminate the education due to loss of your medical license we have a “loss of license” insurance that covers the course fee that you have already paid.