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Global Crossing Airlines and OSM Aviation Academy announce a new partnership that will give GlobalX access to a pipeline of student pilots planning to transition to the airline.

The program, named XDirect™, will partner to develop a 2-year advanced training program that will place graduate pilots into GlobalX as First Officers who are line-ready for its Airbus A320 family fleet. The program graduates will have enhanced Airline industry training such as CRM (multi-crew concept) and FAA Part 121 training philosophy and requirements. The program has been developed to allow new pilots to train the way that GlobalX does from day one in conjunction with the requirements of FAA commercial and ATP licenses, ensuring a consistent training transition. The partnership will allow GlobalX long-term access to highly qualified pilots when they reach the minimum required ATP hours, after successfully completing their Commercial and Instructor certificates.


OSM Aviation Academy students will progress through the OSM Cadet Pilot program and continue to tailor their experience to the needs of a narrowbody aircraft pilot. Highlights of the training program include ATPL ready airline pilots, a Fast Track program to GlobalX, and a Multi-year cooperation agreement between OSM Aviation Academy and GlobalX.

Core to the program is a scholarship program that will help to encourage those who would not typically be able to become commercial pilots. GlobalX and OSM intend to train up to fifteen First Officer Candidates in the first year of the program, twenty in the second, and then more than thirty each subsequent year of the program. OSM operates a similar program with Norse Atlantic Airways in Norway.


What are the benefits of the XDirect™ Cadet Pilot Program?

Thanks to this program, the selected candidates will enjoy the same benefits as a new hire with global-x airlines upon joining the academy as a flight instructor.



How does OSM/GlobalX Cadet Pilot Program differ from other flight training?

As a cadet pilot, you will have seniority with GlobalX upon becoming a flight instructor with OSM Aviation Academy. GlobalX will also make a financial contribution toward the cost of flight training, creating a pathway for future pilots to achieve their dreams.


Who is eligible for the program?

Anyone with the right to work in the United States is eligible for the program. Once your application is received a committee will review your application. Once accepted, you will personally interview with osm and GlobalX at their headquarters.

"With this unique agreement, we’ve shaped the future of the aviation industry, making flight training more attainable. At the same time producing the top airline-ready pilots who meet the high standards set forth by GlobalX Airlines. After getting to know the culture at GlobalX it made the decision to create this partnership between OSM Aviation Academy and GlobalX a must.”
- Antonio Tur, CEO and Managing Director of OSM Aviation Academy the Americas

How to participate and what are the steps to join the XDirect™ cadet pilot program?

  1. Talk to one of our recruiters to discuss your future and the opportunities offered by the program
  2. Submit your application
  3. Once your application is approved, interview with GlobalX and OSM Aviation Academy.
  4. Begin your journey to becoming a GlobalX First Officer!



How long will training take?

The program takes 12 months to earn all your flight certificates and rating including, private pilot, ATP advanced theory, instrument rating, commercial single, and commercial Multi-Engine, CFI, CFI-L, and UPRT.

After the first 12 months, the cadet pilot will join osm aviation as a flight instructor until reaching the ATP minimum required hours where they will then transfer to global x to complete the ATP-CT and a320 type rating. The cadet pilot will join GlobalX as a first officer.

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