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What is a Conditional Job Offer? [VIDEO]


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OSM Aviation Academy's Airline Ready Pilot concept entitles a conditional job offer as a Junior First Officer to student pilots under 35 years in Europe when you are accepted at the school. But what is a conditional job offer? Here you can get all of the information about what we expect from you as a student and see if you are eligible to get the conditional job offer. 

What is a conditional job offer?

A conditional job offer is essentially a 20-month long job interview. We have confidence in our selection process and we know that we hold a very high quality when it comes to flight training but just because you got admitted to the school and you’ve been given a conditional job offer doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels. 

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The conditional job offer is NOT the same as a job guarantee. A guarantee means that you will get a job no matter what. With the conditional job offer you actually have to live up to the expectations and they are very clearly defined through the entire education at OSM Aviation Academy.

How does the conditional job offer work?

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When you get closer to graduation or right after graduation, we will present to you an opportunity with one of our partner airlines, either through direct employment with the airline or through employment with OSM Aviation. You are free to choose if you want to accept that offer or not, but obviously, we want to keep you in our family. We strive to provide lucrative opportunities for a great starting point in anyone’s career just after they graduate from flight school. If you choose to decline our offer, you will have to get into the job market yourself.

>>How does the job market for pilots look in Europe?<<

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Does the conditional job offer only offer jobs in Europe?

Our primary training locations are in Europe and this is where we provide the conditional job offer. If you’re going to be eligible for the conditional job offer you need to have the right to work and live in the EU. You might have that right even though you are from outside the EU. 

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We are in an expansion face and we are planning to expand to another base in North America and Southern Europe, and moving forward to possibly even more locations and we are going to implement similar structure in the new markets we venture into, so stay tuned.

Is the conditional job offer valid for all OSM Aviation Academy’s programs?

The conditional job offer is valid in all our self-sponsored integrated programs. An integrated program means that you basically do everything from zero to hero, you start at our school and go through a holistic training program and you graduate. We have the First Officer Program (FOP) in Sweden and Norway, and the Professional Pilot Program (PPP) that is partly in the USA.

What do we expect from you?

To be eligible for the conditional job offer you must perform during your training. Every part of your training doesn’t have to be perfect, however, the inherit part of education, learning, and training is that you will make mistakes and through those mistakes you will grow and improve. We don’t expect everything to go perfectly, for you to pass every test or flight lesson on the first attempt, but we do expect you to do your best and strive to improve and learn from your mistakes.

What we expect at OSM Aviation Academy

We expect you to be:

  • Positive
  • Hard working
  • Contributing to your class environment
  • A team-player
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Developing decision-making skills
  • Developing problem-solving skills

Attitude is really important, showing up every day, being positive, working hard, contributing to your class environment, being a team player and developing your leadership skills, your decision-making skills and your problem-solving skills. Those are the key elements to what we look for and what we expect.

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You are going to be in a fantastic environment to achieve all your goals here at OSM Aviation Academy. We are going to help you, support you and challenge you in every step of the way. If you have what it takes, if you have the willingness to put in the work and show up with a great attitude every day, that means that we will be able to provide you with good opportunities after you graduate with one of our partner airlines.

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Core competences for a professional pilot

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In aviation we talk about core competences for professional pilots, this include things you would expect, like flying the airplane manually or programming the autopilot, those are kind of self-evident, even for those who are outside the industry. In addition, there is so much more to be a successful commercial pilot:

Excellent communicator

You need to be an excellent communicator to communicate with your crew, with your co-pilots, with the air traffic control and handling all those different people that you’re going to encounter in your everyday work.

Leadership and Teamwork skills

You need to have leadership skills and you need to be good at working in teams, so your team work capabilities are really important.

Team stands for together evereyone achieves more

Problem Solving and Decision making

On a typical day, when the airplane is working perfectly and the weather is beautiful, the job can be pretty chill, but once the unforeseen comes up that is when you really earn your paycheck. The problem solving and the decision making are key elements to progress in and to be good at when you get to the point of graduation.

Situational awareness

We have several things that are important to pilots as situational awareness, knowing what’s going on around you, what’s going on with the plane, where you are, where you’re going, what your next clearness limit is, if you have any altitude restrictions, speed restrictions and that kind of stuff.

Work load management and attitude

Workload management are also important, professionalism, being prepared, showing up on time, planning and staying ahead the aircraft mentally when you are flying.

Application and procedures

To be able to learn procedures, both our standard operating procedures at the school but also later when you start working for an airline, they will have their own set of standard operating procedures. You need to learn those, you need to know the laws and regulations and you need to apply these procedures.

Skills, attitude, and knowledge is the keys to be a really good proffesional pilot

The triangle that makes up a very excellent professional pilot is knowledge, skills and attitude. Those things are important.

>>Read more about the core competencies of a professional pilot here<<


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For you to get the conditional job offer we expect you to do your best during your training. To show up every day with a positive attitude and contributing to your class environment. Furthermore, you must be under 35 years old to be eligible as well. The conditional job offer is located in Europe so you'll have to be able to work and live in the EU. Close to your graduation we will present to you an opportunity with one of our partner airlines, either through direct employment with that airline or through employment with OSM Aviation. The offer is valid in all of OSM Aviation Academy's self-sponsored integrated programs.

You can learn more about our First Officer Program in Sweden and Norway and the Professional Pilot Program in USA on one of our Pilot Open Days. See upcoming events here.

Pilot Open Day at OSM Aviation Academy


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