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Pilot Talk is hosted by Stein Mjåtveit and Michel Treskin, two pilots who were brought together by their shared passion for aviation and pilot training.

Pilot Talk will touch upon the newest trends in aviation, pilot education and feature exciting guest from the aviation world!

Pilot Talk

The dynamic duo of Pilot Talk, Stein Mjåtveit and Michel Treskin, have a combined 55 years of aviation experience and they are eager to share their insights and reflections with anyone aspire to become a pilot and those who have already achieved this milestone. 

This podcast is for you who are already part of the amazing world of aviation and for you who are just curious to learn more about what the aviation industry can offer.

Pilot Talk's speakers

Stein Mjåtveit-1Stein Mjåtveit is a commercial pilot and Flight Instructor that has more than 10 years of experience with training and educating commercial pilots from all over the world. For the past 4 years he has held the post as Director of Marketing at OSM Aviation Academy where he has been responsible for the attracting, screening and selecting of the next generation of pilots to our worldwide network of flight schools.

Michel Treskin-1Michel Treskin is the Head of Pilot Selection at OSM Aviation and is a former military and commercial pilot with 45 years of experience from the aviation industry. Michel Treskin has been involved in the screening and selection of military and civilian pilots during most of his career and is a pilot selection and screening specialist.

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