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Top stories of 2019


OSM Aviation Academy - Top stories of 2019

Are you ready for a flight of OSM Aviation Academy’s top 10 stories of 2019? Besides the countless milestones that our beloved students have conquered through flying their first solo flights, passing their ATPL exams and skill tests, we still have a lot of highlights we want to share with you. Buckle up and enjoy the view over the highlights...

New Flight School in Florida ☀️

OSM Aviation Academy Fourt Laderdale FL

First stop on this flight is taking us to Fort Lauderdale in Florida, USA where we added our newest flight training academy by acquiring the renowned Flight Center US.

The academy was acquired September 2019 and one month later we were already sending our first students from the Professional Pilot Program on their way to study in Florida. The academy will also be a first-mover in using all-electric aircraft which is expected to be delivered by Bye Aerospace in 2021.

Meanwhile, the students will use the current aircraft fleet, comprising of Cessna single engines and Diamond multi-engine aircraft.

Pilot Talk by OSM Aviation 🎙️

Have you listened to the Pilot Talk podcast, yet? This podcast is for all you aviators and aviatrixes out there who wants to feel closer to the amazing world of aviation!

The podcast is hosted by two pilots, Stein Mjåtveit and Michel Treskin, who have a combined 55 years of aviation experience. Eager to share their insights and reflections with anyone who aspire to become a pilot and those who have already achieved this milestone. Read more and tune into the podcast here. 

Becoming a pilot video series


What is more inspiring than to follow a class of student pilots on their journey to become professional pilots? In this exclusive documentary series, you will get to follow our students from the First Officer Program in Västerås on their very first day of school and until they get airborne and fly their very first solo flight. Awesome right? Grab some popcorn and watch all the episodes here.

Wins 2 Air Convention Awards 🏆

Okay, time to brag a little … And yes, we were very proud when we won two awards at the Air Convention Awards 2019 (also known as the Aviation Industry Awards Europe)!

award post 2

First award is in the category “Pilot Training Center of the Year”. This is actually the second year in a row that we won this award and we now have the right to call us one of Europe’s best pilot training center. That is worth bragging about right?

Second award is in the category “Step Forward in Aviation Training”. Both categories are set to unveil the best of the best in the field of aviation training, focusing on the most outstanding initiatives. Read the full story here.

Student stories

Let us take a quick spin and see what our students are up to, shall we? Besides studying and flying all the time, the students also have time for fun outside the flight school. Read about one of our students who used to fly all kinds of helicopters before he re-routed his career into fixed wings. Want to know more about what he is doing in his spare time? Continue to read the story here.

Flight training in Thailand

If you want to know more about how the life of a student pilot looks like, you should definitely go check out our Instagram and Facebook page! Here we share all our student's stories and achievements throughout the education, and you will learn more about what it takes to become a professional pilot. Not a follower? Go follow us after reading through this blog post! 

Pilot Interview with Linn and Olivia

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking”. It often arises a surprise, but the numbers are speaking their truth when we tell you that only 5% of the world’s commercial pilots are women. Only 5%?

Last spring, we had the pleasure to meet two women captains from Norwegian to talk about gender equality in the aviation industry and their stories of why they wanted to become professional pilots. Read the full story and interview here.

bid to the summit

Sebastian Soltani on top of Mera Peak in Nepal

On the picture above you see one of our flight instructors, Sebastian Soltani, on the summit of Mera Peak in Nepal. In October, he had a mission to climb one of Nepal's highest mountains while raising money for Cancerfonden and their cancer research in Sweden. 

He invited companies, included OSM Aviation Academy, to bid on his charity climb and to donate money for every 100 meters he climbed to Mera Peak (6476 meters). Read all about his journey, challenges and how he kept himself motivated throughout this risky expedition here.

New OSMAA pilots to the Swedish Coast Guard

Did you know that OSM Aviation Academy won the deal to train future pilots for the Swedish Coast Guard? A mission which we were very proud and grateful to receive since it contributes to a very important societal purpose. The two first graduated pilots earned their wings last spring and the uniforms are now switched into the Swedish Coast Guard’s. Read the full story here.

De gamla och de nya, Hampus och Johan, Hans Timan och Lars Werner

Approved by NOKUT

Yet another milestone was achieved, when we received the answer from NOKUT about being approved as a higher vocational training provider in Norway! This mean that Norwegian applicants can apply for student loans through Lånekassen to finance their pilot education.

FOP 19-1 NOR (3)

How to finance a pilot education is often one of the biggest concerns our aspiring pilots walks around with, which is why this approval were important for us. This decision will now give a lot of aspiring pilots the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Read the full story here.

Blue is the new green 🌎

Our last stop on this flight is taking a peak into the future of green aviation. In April 2019, an order of 60 all electric aircraft was made from the Colorado based aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace. The eFlyer2 from Bye Aerospace offers zero emission and significantly lower noise pollution compared with conventional aircraft, and will be used for training at our flight training academies to qualify pilots for the future on sustainable wings. Read the full story here.

Electric planes

We have now reached our destination for this 2019 highlight flight! It has truly been an eventful year and we thank all our subscribers for following and supporting us. Our goal is to share as many inspiring, special and memorable stories with you in 2020! 🌟

If you cannot wait until next years highlights, go check out our blog to make sure you do not miss any updates or stories from the academy. ◼️

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