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The Faces of OSM Aviation Academy

Lana Rasool

OSM Aviation Academy

We are happy to announce our new interview series "The Faces of OSM Aviation Academy" where you will meet some of the people behind OSM Aviation Academy who shape the future of aviation ✈️

In the first episode, you will meet our Director of Marketing, Stein Mjåtveit, who will share the flight school's goals when it comes to the outcome of our student's pilot education. 

The Faces of OSM Aviation Academy - Episode 1

At OSM Aviation Academy we see our students as future colleagues. This means that our students will be given responsibilities and are expected to take initiative throughout their training. In our world, the right attitude means everything. Having the right mindset and being persistent is of the utmost importance for our students to succeed. 

"The end goal is always to have you leave the school with every opportunity to succeed in your career as a professional pilot"

In the next episode, we will interview our Safety Manager, Niclas Eriksson, who talks about how we continuously strive to cultivate a safety minded aviation organization and how we make sure to educate our students to become safety minded pilots. More on that subject can be found in the blog post below, written by our Compliance Monitoring Manager, Elias Svens.

- How we keep safety the highest priority of our flight training


Do you want to learn more about the different steps you need to take before becoming a pilot and get a deeper insight into the different career paths for a professional pilot? Then make sure to download our Airborne Magazine🛫

Airborne Magazine - for aspiring pilots


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