Student Tutor Program

Lana Rasool

OSM Aviation Academy in Arendal has launched a brand-new Student Tutor Program. The main goal and purpose is to share knowledge internally within the organization between students. The program is voluntary, free, and 100% student-driven. 

We hope to apply this Student Tutor program to all our bases in the future after having seen the positive feedback 🙂

How did this idea come about?

The idea came about after being asked by students on several occasions to explain ATPL subjects on a deeper level. As a busy flight and check instructor, it can be hard to find the time to sit down with students and explain complex subjects in between a busy schedule.

Flight instructor Kristian Wikstøl and Student Pilot Erwin Boon from FOP 19-2 came up with the idea of making a team of students who were done with CAA exams and had fresh knowledge to act as a team of experts that could schedule sessions with students who need help with their studies.


Motivation is key

All eligible students were invited to voluntarily participate and the response was very pleasant. Half of the FOP 19-2 class wanted to participate. All interested parties were invited for a meeting to give them subjects which they would be acting as a tutor through a session with Kristian acting as a student. It was really fascinating to see how driven, motivated, and knowledgeable the students were. Kristian thinks that one of the best methods to get knowledge through to a student who may not be comfortable in a classroom setting with power points swooshing, is hesitant to raise his/her hand, and ask to follow up questions is to sit down in a relaxed environment with less pressure and have the time to ask questions to get the material explained in a manner that makes sense.


Being efficient

Before each session, the tutor and the student agree on what to cover to make the session as efficient as possible. The bar is low for questions. The main goal is that the student comes out of the session with more knowledge than when he/she entered. With that being said, the Tutor Program is by no means an excuse not to study! The tutors are using their valuable time for free and they are making a debrief report after each session on what was covered in the session and how prepared the student was, etc.



Student Tutor Certificate

When students graduate from OSM Aviation Academy, they will receive a certificate stating what subjects they tutored in and how many hours they accumulated while acting as tutors. This can be a great perk to bring to an interview in a competitive market in addition to the school report.

Almost all of the FOP 19-2 class have now graduated. therefore, students from FOP 20-1 class have been invited to participate in the student tutor program. The response has again been very pleasant! The new Head of Tutors is Student Pilot Tijn Roordink, together with Flight Instructor Kristian Wikstøl acting as a consultant for the project.


Do you want to learn about the training location in Arendal? In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about the flight training program, the study life (what kind of activities you can do), and how it is to fly in Nordic conditions. Click on the image below to download the guide or click here

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