Studying abroad - Student Pilot Interview with Albin


Here comes the second part of the blog series, Studying abroad in the USA. This time we met with Albin Ekholm from Sweden who is studying the Professional Pilot Program at our flight school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

So, what are the pros and cons of studying abroad? And what are the advantages of doing your flight training in the USA? Find the answers in this blog post! Happy reading :)


Albin Ekholm (22), Lidköping, Sweden

Say hello to Albin Ekholm from Lidköping in Sweden. Albin joined the Professional Pilot Program in the middle of a pandemic last year and moved across the borders to start fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional pilot.

A normal day as a student pilot starts early in the morning by checking the schedule for flights and ground lessons. The next step is to review the information, by checking the weather or go through the procedures to make sure that you are well prepared for the flight lesson or ground lesson.

Why did you choose the Professional Pilot Program and study abroad?

I chose the Professional Pilot Program because I saw it as a unique opportunity to go to the US and Florida to learn to fly over there. You also get dual licenses (both FAA and EASA) which is amazing. I have always wanted to study abroad, so this was an easy choice for me.



What are the pros and cons of studying abroad?

The cons about studying abroad are that you are far away from your family and friends. Other than that, I do not see any cons. The pros are that you gain a lot of experience and meet new people from different places of the world. And for me, that prefers summer, I could not find a better place to study. There is always something to do while taking a break from the studies. For example, go to the beach, hang by the pool, or do sport.

The best from this experience has been living in Florida, flying a lot, experiencing operations at a busy airport, and meeting nice people with similar interests as me.

A memorable flight

A memorable flight from my flight training is when I did a cross country from Fort Lauderdale to Daytona Beach, all the way over the shoreline. It is nothing that can beat that view! Clear sky and smooth air, which are perfect flying conditions. The sun makes the cockpit quite hot though.

ABOve the clouds

Advice to someone who wants to become a pilot

My best advice for aspiring pilots is to be prepared to give it a 100% during the training. Sometimes it will get intense, but it is worth it.

Want more pieces of advice? Read our interview with William who switched from Cabin Crew to Future Pilot.


What is your next step? 

Right now we are launching the Hercules Program in Fort Lauderdale that will take you from little or no flying experience to having an FAA ATP Frozen and an FAA A320 Type Rating. Read more about the program here.

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