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Lana Rasool

Flight training in Thailand

His admiration for flying has grown more and more ever since he was a little child. He remembers when his grandfather used to call him in the morning, tell him to grab a sandwich and run down to the lake near his house, there he would find him in his flying boat… ready to pick Tim up and take him along on a flight around the Orsa lake. That is when Tim’s interest for flying began.

“The sky has always been my home… ever since the beginning. I feel way safer up there then down here.”

Tim 3 years old

Tim 3 years old

Background information about Tim

Tim is from Mora, a small town in Dalarna, Sweden, where he grew up together with his family. He spent most of his time during his childhood together with his grandfather, who started flying at the same year as Tim was born, in 1991.

02. Tim 4 years old

Tim 4 years old, sitting in the flying inflatable boat together with his grandfather

Tim’s grandfather was the first one to start importing the flying inflatable boats to Sweden, it is a rubber boat with a delta wing on the top. Tim remembers his first flight in a Microlight Trike together with his grandfather when he was 3 years old. “The trike had snowboards on the landing gear so that he could land on the frozen lake, covered with snow. I have a picture from that first flight, you can only see the helmet behind my grandfather haha. My parents told me that he used to ask me “are you freezing?” And I would say “noooo nooo I wanna fly”,  he said with a little laugh. 

Tim in the flying boat

Tim in the flying boat

Ultralight License

Tim started getting to know the flying boat controls when he was 12 years old. He used to run around and help at the Orsa Tallhed airfield so he could go for a flight at the end of the day.

He got his ultralight license when he was 17 by flying every now and then. It is a flying license where you are allowed to operate aircraft that are up to 450 kilos MTOM, it is mostly two-seated airplanes.” he said.

A microlight, ultralight weight shift aircraft

Tim in a microlight, ultralight weight shift aircraft

Gyrocopter Flight Instructor

Later, he wanted to try something new, so he started flying the gyrocopter's, which he then took the flying instructor rating for. “Some people call the gyrocopter a poor man's helicopter, it has a spinning rotor and doesn't really work as a helicopter, it uses an unpowered rotor in free autorotation to develop lift, so it basically spins by the wind!” said Tim with an excited voice.

Tim became a Flight Instructor for the Gyrocopter

The gyrocopter

Tim decided then to start training people outside of Sweden! First, he went to China where he spent a couple of months training people together with his friend.

Landed on a road in China

Landing on a road in China

Flight Instructor for people in Qatar

After a few months, Tim and his friend got contacted by a company to train people down in Qatar. It was three people that bought the gyrocopter's and they needed flight instructors to start the flight training. Tim decided to give it a try and flew to Qatar to work as a flight Instructor.

Tims previous work place before he decided to join OSMAA to become an airline pilot


“I flew there, and I instantly I fell in love with the country, the Arab culture, the people… and just everything!”  he said with his eyes shining of happiness.  

One of Tims students

One of Tim's students in Qatar

Working as a Chief Instructor for Qatar's Coast Guard

Tim continued training people in several countries, in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, Bulgaria, Inner Mongolia… and so on. However, he was mainly based in Qatar, which he enjoyed the most. He also later got a position in the Coast Guard in Qatar. The guy who contacted him was trained by Tim earlier and he was the head of search and rescue for the Qatari Coast Guard. 

Flying along the coast of Qatar.

Flying along the coast in Qatar

“He wanted to use the gyrocopter's in the coast guard, which had never been used before or anywhere else in the world, and now he wanted me as a chief instructor since I had the most experience with gyrocopter's in Qatar. I was only 21 years old at that time.”

Flying from Sweden to Doha in a helicopter

Flying from Sweden to Doha in a helicopter

Tim was getting his PPL-H (Private Pilot License for helicopter) when he got contacted for the coast guard. He finished and got his license and then went back to Qatar to start training people for the coast guard.

World Air Games in Dubai

During his time in Qatar, he got asked by Qatar’s Olympic committee to compete for Qatar in the World Air Games in Dubai! It is like the biggest competition for aviation with so many different sports, I was competing with the gyrocopter and I managed to take the silver medal!”  he said while smiling.

Celebrating winning the silver medal for Qatar in WAG in Dubai

Celebrating winning the silver medal for Qatar in World Air Games in Dubai

Skydiving License

Tim also has a skydiver license that he spontaneously decided to get. He was with his friend that is a skydiver at the World Air Games in Dubai, they were a bit bored, then his friend told him “why don’t you come and join the skydiving course?” and the next thing he noticed was him taking a skydiving two-day course the day after.

Hanging underneath a helicopter before a skydive

Hanging underneath a helicopter before a skydive

Tim thinks that skydiving was just another level of flying and what he really appreciates with this sport is the team spirit that comes with it.

Tims 100th jump

Tim's 100th jump

Why Tim did not try any team sports before

“So, I was bullied in school… because I was a kid that would rather hang with older people at an airfield than being at school and doing what is “normal” to do for that age. I basically didn’t fit in but the people at the airfield did give me the comfort and confidence, and it didn’t matter the age difference between us we were just sharing the same hobby, the love for flying. However, I got into the team sport of skydiving where we have to keep an eye out for each other and do fun things together in the sky, from what I have experienced skydiving is a place where everyone is welcome, and no one is different.” 

Helikopter jump 1

Helicopter jump 

In part two ...

Stay tuned to read more about why Tim chose to switch his gyrocopter license out with a fixed wings license and to become a student pilot at OSM Aviation Academy. 

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