OSMAA, and then what?

Elisabeth Kindmark

So you've gone through a competitive application process, been admitted to the flight training program of your dreams, studied hard, and finally earned your wings - then what? 

We had a chat with Viktor, who graduated from OSMAA in 2015 to see what he's up to nowadays...

Hi there! 

To kick things off - could you tell us about who you are, and what you do? 
My name is Viktor Fors, and I work as a First Officer at Ryan Air, currently based in Zadar, Croatia. 

How long have you been working there?
For about 9 months.

Are you enjoying it so far?
Very much so! 

What's the best thing about being a professional pilot?
All the traveling, and seeing all adventurous and happy passengers. 

Is being a pilot what you expected it to be?
Yes and no, the work is tougher than I anticipated it to be, but the flying itself is so much fun. 

What does a regular day at work look like? 
I alternate between flying the morning flights and evening flights every week. I work 5 days, and then I have 4 days off. I usually go to the airport 1,5 hours before take-off and start preparing for the flight, printing weather forecasts and flight plans in order to present them to the captain as soon as s/he arrives, then we usually go through the weather, fuel count, and operation together. After the pre-flight briefing, we meet up with the cabin crew, giving them a short brief on the flight for the day before heading to the airplane together. While one of the pilots stay to prepare the cockpit for take-off the other head outside for an external inspection. After all the pre-flight procedures are taken care of, we board the plane and take off. On a typical day, I'll do between 2 and 4 flights. Before heading home for the day I take care of some admin work. 

So, it's been a while now since you graduated, looking back, what are your thoughts on OSMAA? 
Amazing quality and lots of fun! Those are the first words that popped up, now that I'm thinking back on it, it was also very intense and challenging. OSMAA is a very well-organized school with high standards that definitely meets the demands of the industry. We were schooled using general standard operation procedures, this was very useful when applying for my first job as a first officer. 

Would you recommend OSMAA to other aspiring pilots? 
Absolutely! The school is well recognized and the flight training is very qualitative, meeting the tough standards of the aviation industry. 

What are your plans for the future? 
Wherever I am, whatever I fly and what position I have doesn't really matter, as long as I am happy with my everyday life and stay passionate about the job. Although, I've always been interested in teaching, so perhaps I'll try out being a flight instructor


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