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OSM Aviation Academy wins two Air Convention awards!

Stein Mjåtveit

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(Air Convention 2019, VILNIUS 17.09.19) OSM Aviation Academy was awarded two awards at the Air Convention Awards 2019 also known as the Aviation Industry Awards Europe. 

OSM Aviation Academy won in the category “Pilot Training Center of the Year”, being the second year in a row OSM Aviation Academy wins this prestigious award, and “Step Forward in Aviation Training” two categories set to unveil the best of the best in the field of aviation training, focusing on the most outstanding initiatives. 

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CCO/COO Fredrik Øygård receiving the award "Pilot Training Center of the Year".

OSM Aviation was recognized for being the most attractive training school for cadets and having the most promising opportunities after finishing the training program. The awards were accepted by the OSM Aviation CCO/COO Fredrik G. Øygard and Sales Manager Karim Ayari. 

OSM Aviation would like to thank everybody for their vote and feel very honored receiving these awards. This marks yet another huge milestone for OSM Aviation and the OSM Aviation Academy in our mission of shaping the future of aviation.

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