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New pilots for the Swedish Coast Guard


Swedish Coast Guard - Johan Lundberg and Hampus Lennerhed

In June 2017 OSM Aviation Academy won the deal to train the future pilots of the Swedish Coast Guard. A mission, which the academy was very proud and grateful to receive since it contributes to a very important societal purpose. The two first students, Johan and Hampus, have now earned their wings and are ready to switch into the Swedish Coast Guard's uniform. 

Swedish Coast Guard - Johan Lundberg and Hampus Lennerhed

Johan Lundberg and Hampus Lennerhed

From one uniform to another

The Swedish Coast Guard select and test all their applicants themselves and we received two students, Johan and Hampus, who went through the whole screening process before they got approved.

After 19 months, Johan and Hampus, have now completed the integrated flight training program in Västerås and together with their commander, Martin Baltzer, Johan and Hampus went for a visit last week to thank the school for a good cooperation during the training.

Hans Erik Viklund and Martin Baltzer

Hans-Erik Viklund, Chief Flight Instructor at OSM Aviation Academy, and Martin Baltzer, Chief Commander at Swedish Coast Guard

The studies have been conducted as an integrated education, which means that theory and flight lessons are combined during the entire study period. The course structure was almost identical with the ordinary programs, however, the final stage was substituted for Upset Recovery Training  instead of an Airline Preparation Course, which is more appropriate for the operations of the coastguard. 

“It has sometimes been very tough, and both Johan and Hampus got something of a shock over the pace the first time, but have struggled on and passed the studies in a very impressive way”, says Martin Baltzer, who has been Johan and Hampus’ mentor and acted as a contact person between the authority and the academy.

De gamla och de nya, Hampus och Johan, Hans Timan och Lars Werner

Hampus Lennerhed, Johan Lundberg, Hans Timan and Lars Werner

"The time in Västerås has gone fast and I am happy with the education and the instructors. Now I look forward to do the type-rating and start flying for the Coast Guard"

- Johan Lundberg

“We at OSM Aviation Academy is very grateful and proud to have been entrusted to educate the Coast Guard’s pilots. The education is very demanding, and it is noticeable that the Coast Guard is concerned about the quality. From day one, they have been actively involved and made regular visits to do personal interviews with their candidates. All to ensure that the education progresses properly. It is, of course, also great that both candidates have been successful and they have definitely earned their golden wings!” says Marcus Lindblom, Head of Training at OSM Aviation Academy.

Type rating Dash-8 Q300 

Now the type rating is waiting in the Dash-8 Q300, which is the aircraft that the coast guard operates. The training is conducted in a simulator in Oslo and takes about 6 weeks. After that, internal training starts and if everything goes according to plan, the new officers will be fully educated sometime in September.

Martin, Hampus, Johan and Karl
Martin Baltzer, Johan Lundberg, Hampus Lennerhed and Karl Andersson

Read more about the Swedish Coast Guard's operations and their societal function in Sweden on their website here


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