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Amanda Jenssen

Taking care of Mother Earth is one of the greatest responsibilities for mankind, Earth is what we all have in common! We can all contribute to help take care of our home planet! 🌍🌱

In this article, we discuss OSM Aviation Academy's devotion to the future of green aviation and how we make the blue skies greener. And do our students share the same excitement about the order of 60 all-electric aircraft and the electric future?

The future is electric

When we talk about environmentally friendly options in aviation, we have seen a lot of new entrants who offer all electrical aircraft. In April 2019, OSM Aviation Academy placed an order for 60 all-electric aircraft from Colorado-based manufacturer Bye Aerospace.

These will be used for training to qualify pilots for the future on sustainable wings. 

We had a chat with George Bye, the CEO of Bye Aerospace, and Tony Thompson, the President of Quantum to explore the future of electric aviation together.

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George Bye is spearheading the development of the eFlyer2 and the eFlyer4 together with his team at Bye Aerospace. He has a background as a military pilot and a Flight Instructor in the US Air Force, and George has previously worked with Raytheon and Boeing where he was deeply involved with the development of military trainer aircraft.

Tony Thompson has a background from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been an aviation enthusiast since he was a young boy. When he identified electric aviation as "the next big thing" this led him to get engaged in the electric segment of the aviation industry together with his team at Quantum. Quantum has set out to solve the mobility challenge that major cities are facing.

Upgrading from gas to diesel engines

In the meantime, while we patiently wait for the 60 all-electric eFlyer2 aircraft from Bye Aerospace, OSM Aviation Airtech has converted our Cessna’s from gas to diesel engine. OSM Aviation Academy took the decision to upgrade the Cessna's with diesel engines since they are a better environmentally friendly option.

Gas engine in Cessna 172Cessna 172 with the gas engine before being changed to the diesel engine

Modern diesel engines with high fuel pressure and turbocharging have a significantly higher efficiency than a corresponding gas engine. By comparison, the old engine has a capacity of 5.9 liters and develops 160 horsepower, while the new engine manages 2 liters of stroke volume and develops 155 horsepower.

Interested in reading more of this? We interviewed the Technical Manager at OSM Aviation Airtech, Robert Lundström, to learn the process of converting the engines. Click here for the full interview.

Our student's thoughts about the electric future

We asked our students about what they think about the new electrical aircraft and how excited they are about hopefully being the first generation to fly in an all-electrical airline. The answers we got were beyond all expectations!

Kimmy, FOP SWE 20-2: "Exciting times! In the beginning, it will be perfect for short hauls. Generates less noise pollution as well! Combustion Engines have been here long enough time, not only in Aviation."

Elias, YH-21: "This is really cool and definitely the future! It is good that the school is at the forefront of the industry, I am super excited! This will be a new era within aviation and it will be cool to be the first generation of pilots to be part of this. Will it be as cool as flying the 747 for the first time? Who knows ;)"

"It is a good initiative from the school and one step closer to decreasing pollution. I am excited about the new technology, but I will for sure miss the roaring sound of the jet engines."

Emily, FOP NOR 20-2: "I support the investment, electrical aircraft will definitely be a part of our greener future. I can’t wait to be a part of the introduction to a greener world of aviation!"

Thomas, FOP NOR 19-2: "I think it is a good step to show that aviation can be a green industry and that the sector is striving to be greener. It will be very nice to be part of this evolvement switching over to electrical aircraft." 

Open eflyer

Tomas, FOP SWE 19-2: "I think that eventually, all types of transportation will have to leave fossil fuels behind and look for an alternative, aviation is no exception. When electric engines are available it is great to see them in the air, not only in cars. I do believe it is going to be a similar technological jump forward, as it was in the past from only propeller aircraft to turbine aircraft - maybe even bigger. I think that electrical potential in aviation in the form of drive is yet to be discovered in its full potential. The era of supersonic travel has a chance to return back to commercial aviation."

Tobias, FOP NOR-20-1: "I think it is great due to several factors. It makes an interesting test platform for the technology. The frequency of operation can give good data and information about how the technology is able to handle the operation. The cost will probably go down, so hopefully, it could make pilot education cheaper. Less noise should probably be expected and could make the neighbors happier. As long as the safety is being kept and technology is improving, I think we should look forward to it. Just look at how cars have developed in the last decades, I think we could see something of the same in aviation."

Pim, FOP NOR 20-2: "I think that it is really good to have electric-driven planes especially for a Flight School that makes a lot of hours. It is good for the environment and we do not have to use the fuel station anymore because we can charge them in the hangar. I am always excited about the future and hopefully, all-electrical airlines will become reality."

What is your GREEN superpower?

When talking about saving the environment and help keep Mother Earth healthy, there is a lot you can do to contribute to your everyday life. Even the smallest things go a long way.


We love when our students engage in important matters like taking care of Mother Earth and asked them how they contribute to making the world a little greener every day. Turns out they had quite a few everyday hacks!

  • 🚲 Take your bike or walk to school/work/the grocery store etc. "I suggest more people should take the bike more often, especially here in Västerås, there are so many good cycle tracks accessible. My favorite route is riding along the shore." - Kimmy

  • ♻️ Recycle. "I am separating everything I can so that I can reduce my waste to the minimum, plastic, metal, paper, glass, biodegradable, and I am returning all the metal cans back to the grocery stores to those “collecting” machines." - Tomas

  • 🌱 Eat more plant-based food. "Maybe just one day or meal a week to start with? Check out the hashtag #meetfreemonday on Instagram for inspiration." - Amanda

  • 🚫 Don't buy more food than you need. "Use everything you got in the fridge. Also great for the student economy." - Tobias
  • 👍 Eat leftovers to minimize food waste. "If we have something of the dinner left that we have made I put it in a bowl to eat it the next day." - Pim

  • 🔄 Reuse. "I try to reuse as much as possible, one example can be to bring my own bag to the supermarket. Instead of getting one there." - Thomas

I think we all can make a difference if we just want to and give it some thought. It does not take much to make a change, it's just a matter of will! - Elias

Check out our article about OSM Aviation Academy's order for 60 all-electric aircraft from Colorado-based aircraft manufacturer Bye Aerospace. Click here or on the image below. 

Electric aircraft


What is your superpower and how do you contribute to saving our Earth? Let us know in the comments! 😊

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