Lana Rasool

How to study at home like a student pilot

Lana Rasool

How to study at home like a student pilot

Having difficulties with studying from home? Well, in this post, our students from the First Officer Program 20-1 share their thoughts on starting their pilot training by a distance learning approach due to the COVID-19 situation. You will get great tips on how to create a study environment in your own home which will hopefully help you gain more motivation and study efficiently πŸ‘πŸ“š

How is to be part of a distance learning system?

(Let's see what some of our students answered πŸ‘‡)

β€œAs part of the first FOP (First Officer Program) class of this year, beginning flight school from the living room has been unique, as is the current situation, to say the least. Focusing on the positives, our class is fresh and we've yet to find a rhythm physically at the school. So, while we're eager to meet each other, I think we're all doing quite well in regard to adapting. The DLS (Distance Learning System) has run smoothly and our Skype lessons as well. All in all, we're quite fortunate to be enrolled in flight training during a point in time when we can continue learning despite being relegated to our apartments.” – Student pilot, Chris Laurence.

β€œSo far, the distance learning has been great considering the circumstances, although one does miss out on the social parts as meeting with the teachers and fellow students. Personally, I prefer to go to school but that will have to wait for now. The lessons are easy to follow, and the instructors are doing great to make sure that everyone is following along. They also make sure to give us the opportunity to ask questions and be involved in the lectures.” – Student pilot, Peter Chukro

Study desk

β€œI have experienced the online classes to be great so far. Online classes are new to me, and it's weird not to be physically in a classroom. Fortunately, we have a super fun class and if there is any lack of clarity, everyone helps immediately!” – Student pilot, Tijn Roordink

β€œI think that the school has done their absolute best in the situation we're currently in. For me, I would absolutely say it would have been a lot better being at school with my new classmates rather than studying at home. I have been really motivated starting at OSM Aviation Academy so for me it hasn't really been hard so far." – Student pilot, Tobias Bjerkholt Svensson


β€œAfter my first week of school I'm quite positive about the distance learning so far. Of course, I wish I was in Norway, but I think it is the best possible scenario under these circumstances. You can tell that everybody, the students as well as the teachers, is making the most out of it. There is a very positive vibe.” – Student pilot, Laura van der Wijk

Tips on how to study efficiently from home

  • Silence 🀫 Nothing is worse than constantly being interrupted by any noise while studying. That's why some of our students prefer studying in their bedroom. It's a quiet place and nobody will disturb you when the door is closed.
  • Music 🎧 Use headphones with noise canceling and calm music so you get less distracted by surrounding noises.
  • Snacks 🍫🍏 Have a snack to keep the energy up!
  • Stay hydrated πŸ’§ Very important!
  • Keep it Tidy πŸ“š Keep your work desk clean. A tidy working environment means a cleared mind! This will lead to a better absorption of new information. 
  • Change study location πŸ€“ Change the place where you sit and study at home from time to time (if possible), to not get bored of the same location.
  • Get dressed πŸ‘” Still get dressed in clothes that you would go out in and not falling into the sweatpants at home trap just because you can.
  • Do some home exercise πŸ€ΈπŸ‹οΈ As they say; A fit body will get you a fit mind πŸ˜‰
  • Sleep well 😴 Early bed – early rise.

pilot books

How to prepare before the lessons?

  • Very important point to start with is Phones off during lessons! So that you don't get disturbed and focus much better.
  • A great tip that many students have mentioned is to read the chapters before each lesson, this will make it easier to follow the instructors during the lessons. Categorize your notes after every lecture so it becomes easier to go back to them, you could categorize them by lecture numbers, subject or date.
  • Make sure your internet's running, links are up, mic/headset tested… this could be viewed as a β€œpre-flight checklist” distance learning edition 😎
  • Log in to the DLS (Distance Learning System) on time to be sure there isn't any technical issues as connection problems etc.

Spread positivity

And now we hope you are ready for your next online lesson! Hope that you got some new tips from this 😊 Good luck!

πŸ‘‰Want to read more? Click here to read how measures are taken by the aviation industry to cope with COVID-19 pandemic in order to protect the health and well-being of our students and staff.


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