Gamebird livery challenge winner

Stein Mjåtveit

In September 2021 a sporty, agile and beautiful aircraft will arrive at OSM Aviation Academy's training location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The GB-1 Gamebird has been designed by renowned aerobatic champion Philipp Steinbach and was engineered from the outset to be the best aerobatic and touring airplane in the world. Mr. Steinbach's lifetime as a pilot can be felt in the excellence of this aircraft, and our team is excited to welcome this versatile, agile, and esthetically beautiful aircraft to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE). Continue reading to see the winning design! 


And the winner is...

We received many fantastic submissions and choosing a worthy winner was a challenging task. Since the Gamebird is built for speed and agility the committee selected a winner where these two elements are reflected in the design.

La Ferrari Tiger


Combining the intensity of 'Ferrari red' with the stripes of a tiger is truly a visual representation of what this aircraft is capable of. We would like to congratulate Markus from England on winning the competition and look forward to seeing the aircraft in its shiny new livery! 


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