Gamebird livery challenge!

Stein Mjåtveit

In September 2021 a sporty, agile and beautiful aircraft will arrive at OSM Aviation Academy's training location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The GB-1 Gamebird has been designed by renowned aerobatic champion Philipp Steinbach and was engineered from the outset to be the best aerobatic and touring airplane in the world. Mr. Steinbach's lifetime as a pilot can be felt in the excellence of this aircraft, and our team is excited to welcome this versatile, agile, and esthetically beautiful aircraft to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE). The best part? You can win a flight in this amazing aircraft! 


How to win a flight in our Gamebird

To win this competition, you must submit a design proposal for the livery of our Gamebird by midnight on the 7th of July 2021. All submissions will be reviewed and a panel from OSM Aviation Academy will select the best livery design. The winner will be announced on or before the 1st of August 2021.


The winning design will be painted on the Gamebird and who doesn't want to win a flight in an aircraft you designed by yourself? Click the button below and fill in the form to enter the competition, we will then email the dimensions of the aircraft to you so you can get started on your design!


The winner takes it all

The Gamebird flight will depart from OSM Aviation Academy at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in Florida and we will cover:

  • Round trip from anywhere in the USA to Fort Lauderdale, Florida*
  • One night at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale
  • An amazing flight experience in our GB-1 Gamebird together with a Flight Instructor 🛩️

*The competition can be joined from anywhere in the world, but if you are not located in the US of A you will need to cover the travel expenses to and from our academy in Florida yourself.


Download our FAA Part 61 Programs Catalog here

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