Flight Training 101 - Earning your wings

Elisabeth Kindmark

We get a lot of questions from eager flight enthusiasts wondering how exactly they are to earn their wings and start a career as a professional pilot. Now, all flight schools have different admission procedures and training structures, but this "Flight Training 101" infographic provides a fair overview of the process of completing an integrated program at OSM Aviation Academy.

Flight Training 101 - Become a pilot

Excited to get started with your flight training and earn your wings? Click the button below to learn more about the different pilot programs that OSM Aviation Academy offers in Norway, Sweden, and the USA.


Tune into the Pilot Talk podcast

Pilot Talk is a new podcast where you will learn all there is to know about flight training and the aviation industry.

With a combined 55 years of aviation experience, the hosts of Pilot Talk are eager to share their insights and reflections with anyone aspiring to become a pilot and those who have already achieved this milestone. 

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Tune into Pilot Talk, a podcast where you will learn more about the fascinating world of aviation and more about how you can become a pilot.>>Listen here<<  

Pilot Talk podcast by OSM Aviation

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