Ferry Flight Across the Atlantic Ocean


Read the stories from our four ferry flight pilots when they pick up our two brand new Cessna 172 in the USA. The adventure takes them on a 2 weeks-long journey through the USA and Canada, over the Atlantic Ocean to Greenland, Iceland, Shetland Islands, and to their end destination in Arendal, Norway.

The stories are taken from our brave ferry flight pilot's private journals and they will share the details from their flights and experiences when they are out on this unforgettable adventure. Enjoy!

Ready to meet the ferry flight pilots? 

Niclas Eriksson - CTKIName: Niclas Eriksson
Age: 28
Role: CTKI and Flight Instructor at OSM Aviation Academy since 2016.







Jesper ErikssonName: Jesper Eriksson
Age: 25
Role: Flight and Theory Instructor at OSM Aviation Academy since 2018.







Martin G. Wendeberg - Assistant CTKI

Name: Martin G. Wendeberg
Age: 28
Role: Assistant CTKI and Flight Instructor at OSM Aviation Academy since 2015.







IMG_2173 (1)Name: Joel Johansson
Age: 40
Role: Air Traffic Controller at Västerås Airport and experienced ferry flight pilot. Currently working as a First Officer at FlyBe.







The ferry flight journal is divided into six parts where you can follow the journey all the way from USA - Canada - Greenland - Iceland - Shetland Islands and Norway


In the upcoming weeks, we will post each journal from the ferry flight. In the overview below you can see which journals have already been published and the ones that are about to be published. Stay tuned! 


Ferry Flight - Part 1 USA

Ferry Flight - Part 2 Canada

Ferry Flight - Part 3 Greenland

Ferry Flight - Part 4 Iceland

Ferry Flight - Part 5 Shetland Islands

Ferry Flight - Part 6 Norway


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