Everything you need to know about how to become a Pilot

Lana Rasool

Interested in learning more about the programs we offer and the different steps on how to become a Pilot?

We have created a video series that explain the different steps on how to become a Pilot and all you need to know about our Integrated Programs 🛫

Here is what we will cover in this article:

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1. Our integrated programs [EASA]

Let's start with the basics, in this video, we are talking about our Integrated Programs (EASA), First Officer Program, and the Professional Pilot Program. We are covering the topics of what an integrated program is, what it contains, what the training looks like, and what we can offer you in terms of support and assistance to land your dream job as a pilot!

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Want to read more about our Integrated Programs? Click here to download our program catalog for Sweden, and click here for our Norway catalog.

2. Pre-entry requirements [EASA]

Next, we will be talking about our pre-entry requirements to enroll in one of our EASA integrated programs to become a professional pilot. We will talk about grades, certificates, screenings, and visa applications (for non-EU citizens) you need to start your career as a pilot!

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3. Pilot Aptitude Test

Ever wondered what a Pilot Aptitude Test is? Or are you interested in taking one? In this video, we answer the most common questions about the Pilot Aptitude Test. We will also explain why passing a Pilot Aptitude Test is important, and give you some great advice on how you can prepare for it!

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You can also download our Pilot Aptitude Test guide by clicking here.

4. What a medical certificate is and how you get one [EASA]

And for our last video, we are explaining what they will check during your medical examination on an EASA Medical Class 1 certificate, and how you should do to book one.

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Tips 👉 Check out this article about what to expect at your first medical class 1 (click here)

Discover if you have what it takes to become a Pilot! Click here or on the image below 👇


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