10 Coolest Aircraft Livery Designs of All Time


Next time you look up at a plane flying in the sky, there's a chance it could be more eye-catching than another aluminum tube with generic corporate branding. This is thanks to talented aero graphics that have created these cool-looking liveries. If YOU got the chance to design a livery, what would it look like? 😀

In this article, we present our pick of ten creative aircraft livery designs that showcase the world's most imaginative airlines. Enjoy!

1. Icelandair - Hekla Aurora


Iceland is one of the countries where you can get a peek view of the Nothern Lights. And it's no wonder that Icelandair chooses to paint one of their Boeing 757-200s livery to show off the Northern Light. The livery is called Hekla Aurora and it's not only the livery that got a lift-up, the entire interior also got a colorful makeover to amuse all the passengers while flying.

Have you seen the Nothern Light yourself? It's a natural phenomenon that is somehow difficult to explain. When you have experienced its marvel colors yourself, it's a moment you'll never forget. So, if you haven't put the Northern Light on your bucket list already, do it now!

2. Emirates Airline - United for Wildlife


A beautiful livery to support a special cause. In 2015, Emirates Airline wanted to raise awareness of the illegal wildlife trade and started to fly four A380s with a United for Wildlife livery featuring a tiger, a lion, a gorilla, a rhino, a bear, and elephants. Some of the planet's species that are the most at risk for illegal wildlife trade.

3. Rossiya Airlines


The Russian carrier Rossiya Airlines also devoted some of its airplanes to support the cause of wildlife conservation. In the picture, you see the nose of their Boeing 747s feature the face of a beautiful Siberian tiger, a species of cat that is endangered due to excessive hunting and poaching. The tiger livery received a lot of positive attention and the airline decided to paint the nose of its Boeing 777s with another endangered big cat - a far-eastern leopard.

4. ANA (All Nippon Airways) - Star Wars Jets


How cool are these aircraft livery designs? I guess that these liveries will please every Star Wars fan out there and you probably wish for this Japanese airline to start flying in your home country! The Japanese airline has four Star Wars-themed aircraft in its fleet called the Star Wars Jets, one R2-D2, one BB-8, one C-3P0, and the StarWars Anajet.

5. ANA - Pokemon Jet


Another member of the All Nippon Airways family is the Pokemon-themed Boeing 747s. The airline actually has several Pokemon-inspired jets in their fleet which have been in operation since the late '90s. The popularity of this aircraft increased tremendously when the Pokemon Go game went viral across the world.

6. Westjet - The Magic Plane


There might be a common theme for the airlines which is cartoon characters. The Canadian airline is no exception, they love Disney so much and have two Disney-themed Boeing 737s. In the picture, you have The Magic Plane, a beautiful Fantasia-themed aircraft that performed a very suitable inaugural flight from Calgary to Orlando, Florida, home of Disney World.

7. Westjet - The Frozen-Themed Plane


Did we mention that Westjet loves Disney? We couldn't complete this list without including the Frozen-themed plane. It took the team of painters 21 days to paint the livery and sparkles were added to the paint in sections to add shimmer and shine as the aircraft flies through the sky.

Also a big Frozen fan? Did you know that the enchanting kingdom Arendelle was named after the Norwegian city Arendal? Which also happens to be one of the places of OSM Aviation Academy's training locations. You can learn more about Arendal and our campuses here.

8. Brussels Airlines


The Belgian carrier Brussels Airlines has 5 aircraft painted liveries dedicated to celebrating various Belgian cultural icons. In the picture, you see the rejoicing of the Smurfs, the festival Tomorrowland, the comic hero Tintin, the Belgian artist René Magritte and the national soccer team of Belgium.

9. Qantas - Wunala Dreaming


The Australian carrier Qantas is honoring indigenous Australians with special liveries on their aircraft. In the picture, you see the Wunala Dreaming-themed Boeing 747s which is one of five designs in their Flying art series from 1994. 

10. Kulula - Flying 101


The last livery design on our list is from the South African airline Kulula who is actually quite famous for its creative 'Flying 101' livery. The livery features humourous text labeling different parts of the Boeing 737-800 aircraft which is a funny and informative guide for the non-flying public with quirky lines like 'The big cheese' pointing to the captain. The livery was designed in-house by their graphic design team and their goal was to explain some of the unknowns around travel and flying.


Which one is your favorite?

Did you found your favorite livery on the list or did we forget to include yours? You're welcome to share your favorite aircraft livery design in the comments below. We look forward to reading your answers!

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