45 songs to cure your winter blues - California Soundtrack

Elisabeth Kindmark


We take a lot of pride in our Professional Pilot Program in San Diego, California - because who wouldn't want to spend a year cloudsurfing the skies of the golden state? The Hollywood sign looks amazing from above, as does the gorgeous coastlines, doing steep turns over the golden gate bridge isn't bad either...
Honestly, there are thousands of selling points, but if the climate, culture and sights aren't quite enough to convince you, here is some extra motivation!

We've put together a California soundtrack for your listening pleasure. Whether you just want to disconnect from the general misery of january (winter blues anyone?) , simply enjoy a wittily constructed playlist, or if you're actually considering to do your flight training under the Californian sun (we're a bit biased - but you totally should! ),  we're pretty sure that these songs will do the trick.

If you enjoyed the obscure references of these songs make sure to check out our aviation inspired playlist.

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