Arad Tajik

5 Best Plane Spots in the World

Arad Tajik

5 Best Planespots in the World

Plane spotting engage a lot of people around the world. Whether if you’re a kid or an adult, plane spotting suits all ages. There are many ways of spotting, you can either just enjoy the view or photograph and upload your pictures online. Either way, spotting is really fun. As a former plane spotter, I truly recommend spotting to everyone. Here are 5 plane spotting locations that are probably the coolest in the world!

1. St. Maarten Maho beach

At number one on our list, is of course the wonderful spotting place at St Maarten on Maho Beach. Aviation enthusiasts, tourists and spotters all gather at this magnificent beach. At this location, you can catch airplanes with sizes that range from the small piston Cessna Caravan to the mighty Airbus A340 landing just feet’s above your head. This spotting place is truly awesome and it’s one of the locations that most plane spotters dream of traveling to.

St. Maarten Maho Beach

2. Skiathos Airport

Number 2 on our list is Skiathos Airport in Greece. This location is probably one of the best spots in Europe and a location that is almost as good as number one on our list, St Maarten.

Skiathos is most known for its beautiful beaches and is one of the best islands in Greece. We totally agree on that but it’s also one of the best locations for plane spotting! Here there are passenger-planes from most charter-airlines around Europe that land at a very low altitude, and as a spotter you can almost walk to the very beginning of the runway, awesome right? But watch out, a plane or two might land when you least know it…

Skiathos Airport

Luckily a good way of keeping track of the planes and make spotting even more fun is to download flight tracking apps like Flightradar24 and Live ATC. Then you can keep an eye on the aircraft that are taking off and landing. If you want to learn what the pilots are saying on the radio you can read this blog post about aviation radio communication: Learn to Talk Like a Pilot - Alpha to Zulu

3. Los Angeles Lax Airport In-n-out-Burger

Do you love burgers? We sure do! Our next location on the list is on the beautiful west coast in the US! Los Angeles LAX Airport offers great variety of airplanes and with almost 1500 aircraft landing or taking off each day, we can guarantee that you won’t miss out on airplanes. At this location, you can enjoy a tasteful burger and a breathtaking view at the same time, win-win!

LA Lax Airport In-N-Out-Burger

Regardless, if you stay for an hour or a day it will be a memorable experience seeing big aircraft like the Queen of the skies, Boeing 747!

4. New York JFK Airport

The Big Apple! Known for its good shopping, hot dogs and Lady Liberty! Of course, we are talking about New York and the grand JFK Airport. JFK is one of the 3 main airports in the city that never sleeps.

New York JFK Airport

Spotting at JFK will give you many options to choose, with 4 runways. Luckily not all of them are active at the same time phh… It gives you many good spots to see legacy and regional airlines take-off and landing. In other words, you will probably see every commercial airline model available on the market.

5. Hamburg Airport and Finkenwerder Airport!

Let’s close our list with a location in Europe.

Welcome to Hamburg and the home of one aircraft manufacturer… if you haven’t guessed it already... we are talking about the home of Airbus! Hamburg actually got two airports, Hamburg Airport EDDH and Finkenwerder Airport EDHI.

Hamburg Airport - Airbus

In Hamburg you can get to see a variety of aircraft from airlines around Europe. A good reason to go spotting at Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport is that you might get to see a test prototype or a first flight of a newly build aircraft! But the best part is that you can take a tour at the Airbus factory and see how the aircraft are assembled. You can also get a closer look of what flight crew do before a flight. If you want to learn more about pre-flight checks, you can gladly read our blog post about it here: Kicking the tires - The Walk-Around.

Last words...

Did you enjoy the plane spotting list? If you don’t have the opportunity to visit these locations mentioned, no worries, you can always spot at your local airport. Most airports have a spotting terrace where you can get a good view.

Or you can follow Planespotterpro, a Swedish aviation photographer sharing his photos from different airports around the world on his Instagram account.


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