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Becoming a Pilot at OSM Aviation Academy [VIDEO]


Becoming a pilot at OSM Aviation Academy

We are very excited to announce our new documentary series about student pilots turning their dreams of becoming a pilot into reality! 

In this video series, we will follow our students from the First Officer Program in Västerås and show you the life of a student pilot when they enter the flight school on their very first day and until they get airborne and fly their first solo flight.


Student pilot life

In our First Officer Program 19-1 in Västerås, you will meet 18 students with 6 different nationalities and you will hear their stories about why they want to become a pilot. 

Becoming a pilot at OSM Aviation Academy

We will follow their journey from learning the "Principles of Flight", stepping into the Cessna 172 for the first time, their first take off and landing with a Flight Instructor, and until they are qualified to fly their first solo flight.

The first solo flight is for many pilots one of the greatest moments of their pilot education and a moment you never forget.

Where can I watch the episodes?

All the episodes are now live and you can watch them on our YouTube channel, Facebook page or you can watch them all by clicking here


Tune into Pilot Talk, a podcast where you will learn more about the fascinating world of aviation and more about how you can become a pilot.>>Listen here<< 

Pilot Talk podcast by OSM Aviation


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