Becoming a Pilot [VIDEO SERIES]

Lana Rasool

Would you like to learn more about the life of a Student Pilots at OSM Aviation Academy? In this video series, you can follow the First Officer Program 19-1 in Västerås, Sweden, and watch the life of student pilots, starting with their first day at school until they reach their first solo flight ✈️

You can watch all the 8 episodes in this blog post:

Ep. 1

So, let’s start with the first episode where you will meet the students in the First Officer Program 19-1 during their first day at flight school 👨‍✈️👩‍✈️

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Ep. 2

In this episode, you will meet the students and hear their stories about why they chose to start chasing a career in aviation and become pilots. Enjoy!

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Ep. 3

In episode 3, it is their second day in school, getting introduced to Principles of Flight.

Principles of Flight is being kicked off with a paper-plane contest, but who has the winning paper-plane?

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Ep. 4

Watch the students accomplishing their first 'Pre-flight Inspection' before they go out on their very first flight.

The pre-flight inspection is mandatory before every flight and is when the pilot goes through a checklist to inspect the tires, breaks, wings, fuel, etc.

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Ep. 5

In the 5th episode, the students are having their first 'Communication' and 'Meteorology' class lesson. Radio communication and weather forecast are basic fundamentals in the student pilot's learning objects to become a Professional Pilot. Learn all about it in this episode!

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Ep. 6

It is day 5 for the students and it is now time to fly the Cessna 172 for the very first time! Follow student Harrison from UK while planning for his flight in the Cessna 172 and experiencing the Nordic weather conditions for the first time ❄️

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Ep. 7

We are now 3 months into the education and the students have learned the basic fundamentals of flying and are practicing maneuvers, such as take-off, climbing turns, descending turn, and level flights. Next up is landing!

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Ep. 8

After four intense months of flight training and theory lessons, our student Pilot Harrison is now being cleared to fly his first solo flight! How exciting? 😍

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Want to read more about Harrison's journey towards starting his flight training in Sweden and how it is to study abroad? Click here to access the article.



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