12 aviation instagram accounts you should follow immediately

Elisabeth Kindmark

Want to sprinkle your Instagram feed with some aviation-inspiration? You've come to the right place - here are our favorite accounts for cloud surfing pics, travel inspo and epic cockpit views.

First up, Planespotterpro - Swedish aviation photographer sharing his photos from different airports around the world.


Daily Overview - mother earth from above (probably her most advantageous angle tbh...)




Aviation Daily - a private pilot sharing the best from the aviation world.


The official Instagram of Scandinavian Airlines


ScandinavianAirshow - Jacob Holländer shares photos and videos from his life as an airshow pilot.


mariathepilot, pilotmaria & flymalin - this trio has gained an impressive Instagram following - sharing pics from their travels and adventures as well as, from their work as professional pilots. (Btw, did you know that mariathepilot is a previous OSMAA student?)




Mentour Pilot - Petter is an amazing cinematographer and professional pilot, if you haven't already done so, make sure to check out his YouTube channel and the work he did on the OSMAA app! 


Khalifa Al-Thani Qatari A320 Captain shares amazing pictures from his flights


The perfect account for anything aviation-inspired ...


Biased? Well of course, but you shouldn't miss out on our Instagram account in case you are curious about life at a flight school. 


One last bonus account is @flywithlexie. Lexie is a Flight Instructor who teach the future generation of pilots at OSM Aviation Academy. >>Read more about life as a Flight Instructor<<.


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