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02. OSM Aviation Academy Student

At OSM Aviation Academy we see our students as future colleagues. Our integrated training programs take you from little or no experience to Airline Ready Pilot in 2 years. Already when you start your flight training you will have a conditional job offer from OSM Aviation. This allows you to put your focus where it should be, in becoming the best pilot you can be. Knowing that already when you line up on the runway for the first time, you are on a fast track towards a pilot career. 

OSM Aviation employs 5300 pilots and cabin crew in 18 countries and will continue to expand in the years to come. Airlines such as Norwegian, Finnair, Turkish Airlines and Thomas Cook are some of the airlines that utilize OSM Aviation's total crew management concept. As a graduate of OSM Aviation Academy's high quality and airline-oriented training programs, you will be a preferred candidate for employment in OSM Aviation. 

08. OSM Aviation Academy students in class

As a professional pilot, you are expected to have a meticulous attitude towards on-time performance, adherence to company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and being safety-minded and flexible in the day-to-day operations. It is a challenging and demanding profession with a breath-taking office view and it all starts with your initial training. 

At OSM Aviation Academy we see our students as future colleagues. This means that you will be given responsibilities and you are expected to take initiative throughout your training.  Your job will be to make the most of your training and graduate as a skilled and safety-minded professional pilot.

In our world, the right attitude means everything. Having the right mindset and being persistent is of the utmost importance for you to succeed. Throughout the training, we will help you gain the right knowledge and acquire the skills you need. The rest is up to you...

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