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Pilot Selection Services

With more than 5 decades of industry experience and hundreds of qualified airline pilots trained, OSM Aviation Academy can offer tailored pilot selection services for a wide variety of operators.

Benefits of our selection process

Over the span of the last five decades, we have collaborated with a variety of operators from all segments of commercial aviation. We have the in-house competency and necessary partnerships to conduct high-quality and efficient pilot selection services for your airline.

We tailor our solution to meet the needs of your recruitment department where you can choose our level of engagement. From a full selection package including simulator assessment, aviation psychologists, and interviews - to simply dry leasing one of our simulators for your own recruitment team. 

Experienced recruiters

Our team has selected hundreds of Captains and First Officers in their careers for a variety of aircraft types. We specialize in B737, B777, and B787, as well as the Airbus A320.

Competency-Based Selection

We have a deep understanding of how vital core competencies are for the future success of a pilot on the flight deck. Our selection criteria follow the best practices with regard to competency-based selection. 

Proven track-record

We have supported and selected pilots for commercial operators ranging from regional airlines, LCCs, and legacy carriers. Our diverse experience has enabled us to adapt our offering to meet the needs of our airline customers. 

Custom solutions

Different airlines have different priorities and needs in terms of what is expected from a screening and selection process. Whatever your priorities are, we will strive to tailor a solution that exceeds your expectations and meets all of your needs. 


Regardless of what your needs are we can find the right simulator for your selection process. From our in-house simulators to our vast network of partners, we are able to select pilots for a wide range of aircraft.

Alumni network

Our Alumni network spans from newly graduated cadets to type-rated First Officers and Captains. By selecting through OSM Aviation Academy your airline has the option of promoting your job openings through our network.

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Book a meeting with our Director of Business Development to explore how we can support you with your pilot recruitment and selection needs. 

You can pick and choose from a full screening and selection package or pick and choose from the following: 

  • Remote Screening (online).
  • Advanced Computer-Based Screening (on-site).
  • Technical written tests.
  • HR interviews.
  • Technical interviews.
  • Aviation Psychologist Assessment.
  • Simulator Assessment.