OSM Aviation Academy

Student portals

On this page, you will find links to the portals used by OSM Aviation Academy in Europe and the United States. 

Distance Learning System (DLS)

The Distance Learning System (DLS) is where you will find your class groups, training and operations manuals, and the Occurrence Reporting (OR) system. The DLS is also used for progress tests, school tests and practice exams.


FlightLogger is used for tracking your flight training progress, review comments and grades from your flights, ensuring that all your documents are up to date, and communicating with your instructors. 

Production Reporting System (PRS)

The Production Reporting System is used to track maintenance records and write remarks if something needs to be fixed by a technician on an aircraft. 


Times2Fly is the scheduling system used at our training location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
OSM Aviation Academy | Arendal

Get to know our students

Get to know our students and get a taste of their most memorable milestones during their education at our training location in Arendal, Norway.