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10. OSM Aviation Academy Fleet
OSM Aviation Academy has delivered professional flight training to individuals and airlines for more than 55 years. On this page, you will find some of our milestones throughout the years. 


We changed our name from Scandinavian Aviation Academy (SAA) to OSM Aviation Academy (OSMAA) to unify our brand and opened a new flight school in Arendal, Norway. The first class started their integrated pilot education in September 2018.


OSM Aviation becomes majority shareholders in Scandinavian Aviation Academy in October 2017. Together, we can now offer career paths for future pilots in a stronger cooperation than ever before. 

15. OSM Aviation Academy Students


Scandinavian Aviation Academy is trusted with providing government-sponsored flight training for 4 new years due to the high quality of our training and fantastic employment rates. 


Scandinavian Aviation Academy introduces the First Officer Program in Västerås, Sweden. A self-sponsored, integrated pilot education where all of the training is done in Sweden. 


SAA is approved by the National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskolan) to perform a 2-year integrated helicopter pilot program and Flight Instructor (FI) course. 


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Scandinavian Aviation Academy celebrates 50 years in business and is approved by the National Agency for Higher Vocational Education in Sweden (Yrkeshögskolan) to perform an integrated pilot education. We renew our fleet by replacing the beloved Beechcraft Dutchess (BE76) with Diamond Twinstar (DA42) aircraft. We also get a brand new Boeing 737 Next Generation simulator. 


The Distance Learning System is licensed to Pilot Flight Academy in Norway. A partnership with SAAB Aerosystems and Braathens Regional is established. 90% of SAA Inc. in San Diego is sold to Velocity Group and a partnership is established with them to provide EASA training in San Diego. 



Partnership with EuroPilot Center (EPC). 


The National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskolan) approves Scandinavian Aviation Academy to continue their governmental pilot training in Västerås. 


Distance Learning System (DLS) is licensed to WestAtlantic Europe. 


Expansion with students from China Eastern in San Diego. Partnership with European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST). Distance Learning System (DLS) licensed to BRA Training.  

turbo prop


The Distance Learning System (DLS) is licensed to Finnair. 


Cooperation with BRA Training is initiated, 10 pilots are type rated on SAAB 2000, all 10 were hired by airlines shortly after the training. The Swedish Civil Aviation Authorities (Transportstyrelsen) approves JAA ab-initio education at the satellite base in San Diego, CA. Examinations via the internet are approved in San Diego. 


BF Hangar 5 merges with Dala AirTech AB and changes the name to Scandinavian AirTech AB. The new company handles all maintenance for Scandinavian Aviation Academy in Sweden. 

01. Aircraft at gate


SAA develops its own Distance Learning System (DLS). Initially, the online portal is used for theoretical courses, it is later expanded to include an Occurrence Reporting (OR) system, a test module, and a file storage module. A new Elite FNPT II simulator is acquired for the Västerås base.


BF SAA AB together with SAS Flight Academy is approved to conduct training for Ryanair. Scandinavian Aviation Academy receives status as "official training provider" for Ryanair and 48 pilots are recruited and type rated on the Boeing 737 Next Generation during 2003 and 2004.  


Volito AB acquires 100% of the shares in SAA. An agreement with SAS Flight Academy gives SAA the exclusive rights to sell self-sponsored type ratings to individuals. 

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Flight Instructor training program in cooperation with Lärarhögskolan in Stockholm is started. The location for the training is Arvidsjaur, Sweden. SAA's ab-initio pilot training is accredited by SAS, which means that SAA applicants can apply to the airline before meeting the flight requirements of 700 hours. 


Implementation of new training standards in accordance with JAA requirements. FTO approval for JAR-integrated courses in Västerås, Arvidsjaur, and San Diego.

MCC training package in cooperation with SAS Flight Academy. The training program is approved for student loans and grants by Swedish government loans and grants authority (CSN). 


Start of Commercial Pilot training at secondary school level on commission by the Arvidsjaur City School board.The company name is changed from "Bromma Flygskola" to "Scandinavian Aviation Academy" (SAA).



Commercial Pilot training at secondary school level on commission by the Västerås City School board. Hangar 5 AB is JAR-145 approved. 


Commercial Pilot training in Estonia on commission for the Estonian Civil Aviation Authorities. Training of Estonian Flight Instructors in modern western teaching techniques and ICAO requirements. Bromma Flygskola acquires 92% of Hangar 5 AB.  


Bromma Flygskola acquires 50% of Hangar 5 AB. Business is conducted in modern hangars and offices for service and maintenance of aircraft and avionics, aircraft sales and components. 


Commercial Pilot training on commission by the airline "Linjeflyg". 



Collinder AirTraining AB is acquired. In-house theory and simulator training is initiated. Transition training for military pilots into civilian aviation on commission by SAS, Linjeflyg, and Swedair. More than 100 pilots are converted during a 3-year program. 


Swedish Civil Aviation Authorities authorizes Bromma Flygskola to perform training for Commercial Pilots (CPL) and Instrument Ratings (IR).  


First Commercial Pilot education in cooperation with the airlines Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS) and Linjeflyg. 


Bromma Flygskola is established, the flight school offers private pilot education at Bromma Airport in Stockholm, Sweden. 

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