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Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Cessna Skyhawk (C172) G1000

Cessna 172R is a single-engine, high winged aircraft that is very popular as a training aircraft worldwide. OSM Aviation Academy acquired its first Cessna 172R G1000 during 2005, and today all the conventional Cessna 172R in the fleet have been replaced by the more modern G1000 version.

The student operates this so-called “glass cockpit” equipped airplane, rather than airplanes with conventional instruments, from the very first flight. As airplanes with “glass cockpits” are growing in numbers in the airline industry.

Diamond DA42

Diamond DA42

The Diamond DA42 is the type of airplane used by OSMAA for the multi-engine training and the final phases of instrument training. This modern light twin is, just like our Cessna 172Rs, equipped with the G1000 “glass cockpit” instead of conventional instruments. OSM Aviation Academy started operating the DA42 during the spring of 2013, as the type replaced the previous OSMAA multi-engine training aircraft Beechcraft BE76 “Duchess”.

The change was made both in order for the OSMAA students to experience a more technologically advanced airplane during training and to reduce the environmental impact of flight training.


Boeing 737 NG

Boeing 737NG Simulators

Our MPS FNPT II/MCC simulators is the most advanced MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) simulator on the market. The simulator is unlike most other MCC devices built with aircraft parts to give the pilot a realistic and authentic experience of the 737NG.

The simulator gives all our students high-performance jet training in combination with MCC training. The OSMAA instructors are all professional airline pilots with extensive knowledge of how to operate an airliner. We prepare our students for a professional airline career using the most advanced technology.


Pilot Open Day - B737 Simulator

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