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09. OSM Aviation Academy students in class

OSM Aviation Academy (OSMAA) is looking for talented Theory Instructors to join our team and shape the future of aviation together with us. Joining our team will allow you to expand your leadership capabilities and improve your communication skills by sharing your passion for aviation with the next generation of pilots!

If you qualify you will join the ranks of a safety-minded and efficient team who are driven and passionate about guiding and mentoring our students to reach their full potential. An instrumental part of our continued success of educating airline-ready pilots is the safety and quality culture we have built and will continue to evolve, or as we like to put it: “Safety is in our DNA.”

Professional development is facilitated for and encouraged at OSM Aviation Academy. As you gain experience, we have a structure in place to assist you with reaching your development goals. As you gain qualifications and experience, we have a competitive pay scale which will climb alongside your personal growth.

We attract, screen and select ambitious students with a desire to contribute to safe and efficient aviation industry. Our selection process ensures that the students who enroll in our integrated programs have the propensity to succeed in their education and careers. For you to successfully contribute to the development of our students you must be a committed, reliable and respectful individual. Above all you must feel a drive and passion towards sharing your knowledge and experience with others and value quality and safety in your work.

Together we shape the future of aviation – Be part of it!

08. OSM Aviation Academy students in class


Employment will be part-time or full-time depending on your licenses, ratings, availability and demand. We offer a guaranteed yearly salary with excellent insurances (including loss of license insurance) and pension scheme.



We are looking for Theory Instructors with well-documented experience as a teacher* with qualifications in one or more of the following subjects:

  • Meteorology (MET)
  • Principles of Flight (FOP)
  • Communications (COM)
  • Human Performance and Limitations (HPL)
  • Radio Navigation (RNAV)
  • General Navigation (GNAV)
  • Air Law (ALW)
  • Airframes, Powerplants and Systems (ASP)
  • Instrumentation (INS)
  • Flight Planning and Monitoring (FPM)
  • Operational Procedures (OPP)
  • Mass and Balance (M&B)
  • Performance (PER)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

*Can be replaced by holding an EASA FI rating.



You must be able to read, write and converse fluently in English.


  • Attractive career possibilities with a great network of partners
  • 25 days paid annual leave
  • All required Proficiency Check(s) paid for (+40% discount on all other OSMAA services)*
  • EASA Medical Certificate renewals covered*
  • Pension scheme
  • Yearly wellness grant
  • Personal laptop
  • 40% discount on aircraft rental for staff
  • Uniform including crew bag and jacket

*Only applicable for Theory Instructors with valid Flight Instructor ratings.


  • Loss of license insurance*
  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance

*Only applicable for Theory Instructors with valid Flight Instructor ratings.



OSM Aviation Academy (OSMAA) is one of the largest flight schools in Europe and has delivered professional flight training for individuals and airlines since 1963. OSMAA provides theoretical and practical flight training in Sweden, Norway and USA with an airline-oriented focus tailored to prepare our students for a career in aviation. OSMAA has a well-organized Safety Management System (SMS) which we continuously evolve in order to maintain a high level of safety and quality in our organization.

We have tailored our educations to meet the needs of our students and the airlines who employ them. OSMAA has a great reputation among airlines in Europe and offer both self-sponsored flight training programs and government-sponsored higher vocational education programs. OSMAA is approved by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskolan).

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