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We are looking for a Scheduler/Administrator

OSM Aviation Academy is looking for a full-time Scheduler / Administrator to act as a supporting function to the organisation in Västerås, Sweden.

OSM Aviation Academy is one of the most esteemed flight schools in Europe and has delivered professional flight training for individuals and airlines since 1963, previously under the name of Scandinavian Aviation Academy. OSM Aviation Academy is now being elevated and repositioned as a cohesive corporate entity of OSM Aviation and parent company of flight school subsidiaries. We are team players and strive to unleash everyone’s professional potential within the frames of the organization.

As a scheduler, you will report to the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), but you will have contact with and support other functions within the organization as well. A lot of the work will be independent and therefore you should be able to motivate yourself and take initiative when something needs to be done. The primary task will be scheduling but as you get used to the job, you will be able to take on a great range of tasks related to the office and flight school operation.

In return, we offer a professional organization where there will be great opportunities for personal development through different responsibilities. You will be working with colleagues who are ambitious, eager and committed to fulfilling our brand of being the best aviation training provider on the market. We have a great team of a range of personality types, which we value highly as we believe in having the right person in the position where they fit the best. In the role as a scheduler, a good personality disposition is one that is able to work with high concentration on more focused tasks but feels comfortable dealing with people.

We operate with a flat company culture that we believe creates a healthy and trustworthy relationship between co-workers and managers, which is crucial to achieving a safe and quality-oriented pilot training.


Examples of duties and responsibilities

  • Your primary task (50%) is to create the best possible schedule by matching our 8 aircraft, 40 instructors and 100+ students in an efficient way. This role is key to the efficiency of the company in order to get the best possible utilization of our resources.
  • Long-term staff scheduling (monthly).
  • Short term flight scheduling (daily).
  • Coordinate aircraft service with the maintenance department.
  • Keep track of instructor license and certificate expiration dates.
  • Synchronise Flight Schedule with theory scheduling.
  • Update statistics.
  • Scheduling external customers such as airlines and partners leasing our simulator.
  • Have contact with schedulers at other bases (currently Norway).
  • Administration within the school department such as student certificates, grades, diplomas.
  • Support the head teachers in handling student administration.
  • Support the flight department and CFI with routine based tasks.
  • Inventory control of equipment in classrooms and aircraft.
  • General office duties.

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Strength in planning, organization and coordination in an efficient way.
  • Previous experience in planning and/or logistics is highly qualifying.
  • The ability to think ahead and have a long-term planning mindset, yet being adaptable to changes, sometimes on short notice (weather, technical issues, sickness etc. will always be factors that affect the schedule).
  • Well-developed analytical and problems solving skills.
  • Can operate independently and without detailed instructions from a supervisor.
  • Possess good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Positive attitude and ability to be self-motivated toward the weekly scheduling goals.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook) at an intermediate level.
  • English is a requirement.
  • Knowledge of a Scandinavian language is an advantage.
  • Driver’s License is required.


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